Bikini Boot Camp

Jeanette Jenkins
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

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This workout has already been well broken down, so Iím just going to add my opinions. I have to say I wanted this workout for a very long time, but didnít want to chalk up $20 for it, but it never really dropped in price so I finally just paid for it. And it is super fun! I have already used it several times, and it was a great purchase for me. Jeanette and the backgrounders (LeeAnn and Cat, both who are backgrounders in many other workouts) and the set (a beachy theme) were fun to look at, and the music was very motivational. Lots of fun tunes and some were recognizable Ė Wipeout for the warm up and Kriss Kross for one of the aerobic tunes. Like the other reviewers noted, many of the individual exercises arenít super advanced (mixed impact: punch and kick variations, jumping jacks, shuffles and touch the ground, squat thrusts but not too many) but the sequencing and lack of rest really make the workout tough. The cardio circuits move by quickly and it seems to make the time fly.

The ab chapter has a set of crunches Ė weighted crunches (Jeanette recommends a 10# weight), side crunches, and V-ups, and then the set is repeated once. It isnít killer but it is sufficiently good toning for the abs as it has lots of reps. I generally follow my own stretch but appreciated that it was several minutes long, and had nice soothing cool-down music. I did not do the strength portion. I pick up this DVD all the time for the awesome warm up (and often an extended warm up with some of the cardio workout), before moving to another workout that lacks a warm up (such as JNL).

I would rate the workout low-advanced and is easy to follow (drills, not choreography), and I would certainly recommend it. Overall grade A!

Instructor Comments:
Jeanette Jenkins is always fun and cheerful. I only have one of her other workouts (Crunch Supercharged Kickbox Party Ė the only Crunch workout I enjoy) and this is certainly harder than that, but the same fun energy is there.

Emily B.


First of all, I agree with the previous reviewer in that this DVD is definitely advanced if done as sequenced, because it has few to no breaks. The moves themselves are not overly difficult, and a more intermediate exerciser could do the DVD by adding more breaks. The previous review broke down the moves well, so I'll just give my opinion.

The bottom line is that this DVD does provide a very challenging, very thorough workout in about an hour, and because of the exercises it contains (lots of bootcamp style drills, endless squat thrusts, etc.), the intensity is self-contained. The weight section is extremely challenging coming off the end of that cardio section with no break- your heart rate will not come down. I would say that this places the workout in the category of cardio + cardio toning rather than cardio + strength.

Personally? You'd have to pay me to do it again. The intensity is only part of it. Yes, it was hard, but I own and cherish many workouts that are just as or more intense than this one. There was SO MUCH repetition of simple moves- you do the first circuit for what feels like hours- so I was both in pain and bored. Those are not a good mix for motivating me to get through a tough workout. I did enjoy the kickboxing intervals, though.

Instructor Comments:
I find Jeanette's instruction to be a little shrill. She is enthusiastic and I'm sure some exercisers find her motivating, but by the end I wanted to mute her.



This is a 75 minute workout that is split up into 2 main workouts: Cardio camp is 28 minutes of cardio and chisel camp is 25 minutes of strength work. There is also a 5 minute w/u, a 9 minute ab camp w/o, and a 7 minute stretch. You can "play all" or you can select which workout you want to do. The set is nice and open hardwood floors with some beach paraphernalia in the background. There are 2 background exercisers. You will need various dumbbells for the ab & chisel camp w/o's. The music is high energy instrumental-which I liked.

I like the warmup -it gets right to the point and is very dynamic. I *think* the music is "Wipeout" LOL. The w/u reminds me of Jillian Michael's newer dvd w/u's with big arm motions along w/ LB movements. After a few minutes she moves into a quick stretch.

Cardio Camp is high energy and nonstop! I love love loved it! The cardio is athletic and easy to follow but really got my heart rate up and I was sweating like crazy! She does 5 cardio sets and the moves include: 1) jacks, high knees, skaters, knee hops, power jacks.2) kick combos, kick with a floor touch, sped bag, repeater knees. 3) squat thrusts, shuffle & floor touch, knee up-kick combo, pendulums. 4) jab w/ fast feet, oblique crunch w/ a kick, hook-upper cut combo w/ a plyo. 5) jump rope, volleyball moves including a dig, spike, and block. LOVED the cardio section.

Chisel Camp is nonstop multi-muscle strength work. She starts with pushup into sideplank, and some tough plank variations and moves into lunges with bicep curl variations, and chair pose into a short dip. Then you do some full form squats (all the way down into an overhead press), and pliet w/ tricep press. Then you begin a sidelunge with a 1/2 moon type shoulder raise, triceps kick back w/ a back kick. The last move is a static squat w/ a back fly. I was sweating and my heart was pumping throughout this section too!

I didnt get to the ab section but I previewed most of it during my stretch and she does some weighted crunch variations, bicycles, and other lying ab work. I will do it tomorrow and report back :) I also didnt do the stretch section.

I would rate this a low advanced w/o. I loved it! I like Jeanettes style and demeanor and didn't have any problems following her cueing at all. This is a tough but still fun w/o that will find a place in everyones dvd collection. It can easily be put together for a long w/o or divided up into several shorter w/o's. Jeanette reminds me of Nadia from Barrys Bootcamp Academy series (leg day)-her voice and some of the things she says. And as a sidenote-the background exercisers are Teri Ann (Ex TV, Crunch, b/g in Firms) and Kat (the beginner mod in BBC Fat Blaster & a b/g in PowerFit Harmony).