The Firm Slim & Trim Powerball

Tina Smalley
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Balance/Medicine/Mini/Stability Ball, Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Total Body Workouts

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“Slim & Trim” is a 40 min. cardio & light resistance (uses a med ball) workout led by Tina Smalley. There is an express 25 min, and bonus 8 min. workout on this disc, but I have not tried either of those. The routine is easy to follow, Tina will demo a lower body base exercise than add-on either an upper body component, another lower body component and/or tempo or rep change. Generally, one side of a sequence will be performed, followed by a filler sequence, then the other side is repeated. I like to use this workout as an add-on to others, either the full workout or 25-30 mins. of it. I tend to like the Firm med ball workouts as they have a good mix of total body exercises that elevate the heart rate (some impact), and are not overly long (and this one was not a surprise of exercises or sequencing but enjoyable). Tina is one of my favorite Firm leads because she cues well & has more mellow personality (doesn’t whoop much or talk your ear off), and her routines are engaging. Unfortunately this workout is only sold in a kit that includes the 4 lb. med ball, but it’s a solid workout. The ball was really stinky when first purchased (off gassing), but the odor has faded away w/ time (just a warning for those thinking of acquiring the kit).

Cast: 4 females background exercisers (one demos low impact/intensity modifications)

Set: white brick wall sections w/ windows & white shade/covering highlighted w/ blue lights, blue-black flooring w/ glitter (cool looking set, something different)

Music: mostly upbeat instrumental w/ some vocal

Alternating heel lift (step tap)> add bicep curl> add pivot to tapping leg> Double step touch w/ bent arm circles> Alternating step cross rear w/ press down (front of body)> 3 reps, then pulse in staggered stance w/ bicep curl.

Squat (ball held at chest level)> add overhead swing> add alternating pivot w/ chop> fast torso twists> forward bend> place ball on floor, spinal rolls.

Front lunge, rear lunge (same side)> add low chop (figure 8 motion at level of lower body)> add chop (swings low to overhead)> add knee lift between lunges> static hold knee lift w/ triceps extension> add leg extension front, then add small bend in standing leg.

Forward bend> Hinge & row (step to side, forward bend, row, lower & stand)> perform 3 reps> Hinge & row, torso twist, row & stand> Fencing lunge (step rear at diagonal, back leg is bent, front is straight, alternating sides.)> add arm reach to knee level w/ lunge, then upright row> perform sequence on other side (starting w/ front lunge, rear lunge).

Marches> jog in place> add ball push forward & back> front lunge, rear lunge (same side leg)> add chop> low jack w/ ball held overhead> add knee lift between lunges> add jumping jack in place of low jack> add ball push overhead> marches> overhead ball & lower w/ inhalation, reverse motion.

Squat (ball held at chest level)> add ball reach to floor in lowered position, reverse motion to chest level> place ball on floor, walk out to plank, lower knees> knee push-ups w/ one hand on ball> roll ball to center, alternate lunge forward in plank> walk legs & hands in, stand up> marches> toe taps on ball at slow pace, then fast pace, slow pace> 2nd time through sequence/other side (squat> push-ups): add add ball reach w/ torso twist to squat, alternating sides> 3rd time through sequence: add torso rotation to squat, and Push-ups alternate (roll ball, push-up, roll ball to other side, push-up).

Step touch> step, knee lift> add hop to knee lift & wrap/pull w/ ball to side of body> plyo squat> add ball reach to lowered position, overhead for jump> overhead lift w/ inhalation, reverse motion.

4 count front lunge> add biceps curl> add glute lift> add glute lift repeater> 4 count side lunge> alternate two, add arm reach to overhead w/ side lunge, overhead triceps extension w/ lunge> add knee lift between two> bowling lunges (front lunge, opposite arm is bent & cradles ball, curls ball on lowered lunge position)> Heisman pull (knee lift w/ bent arm, ball pull)> 3 reps w/ static hold> marches> ball on floor, alternating step tap> add single arm reach to ball> tap ball> single, single double (pulses) tempo for arm reach> add overhead reach w/ double tempo> repeat entire sequence to work through other side (start w/ 4 count front lunge)> overhead lift w/ inhalation, reverse motion.

Overhead lift, then squat> add arm reach to lowered position of squat> lat pull in lowered position of squat (repeat times at faster pace)> toss ball overhead then squat> Bounce Pull (bounce ball on floor & catch)> Sumo squat sequence: Circle leg out to side to open stance, leg lift, return to starting position (ball held on same side arm as leg traveling)> add squat after leg circle> add bent arm lift to leg lift> Heel Bounce (explosive heel lifts in lowered position of squat)> plyos> add heel clicks to plyos> static hold in lowered position of squat> repeat Sumo squat sequence on other side.

Chasse, rock step (triple step, cross in back)> add overhead lift to chasse & arm reach to knee level w/ rock step> add V step w/ torso twist> marches> Split leg stance jumps> add Rock the baby arms> single, single, double tempo> marches> overhead lift w/ inhalation, reverse motion.

3 pulses in lowered position of Plie/sumo squat> Plie, pivot to side, plie center, stand> add ball push to pivot side> add overhead arms w/ plie center> marches> Step touch> double step touch w/ arm circles> add leg lift (side) before double step touch.

Step Out Plies (start w/ feet turned out, narrow stance, alternate stepping into wide plie squat)> extend arms to side & hold ball in one hand> pass ball overhead to other hand> Calf raises w/ ball held overhead, then overhead tricep extension> turn feet to parallel for calf raises, then add small knee bend> repeat Step touch, Double Step touch sequence on other side> alternating step squat, leg lift> Knee lift w/ overhead pull down> Squat Press (pulses in single leg squat position, one leg bent/toe on floor)> add step tap & knee lift> add torso twist w/ arm reach to step tap & overhead arm w/ knee lift> knee lift & overhead arm pull down> alternating step squat, leg lift. Repeat sequence on other side (start w/ knee lift & overhead pull down)> overhead lift w/ inhalation, reverse motion.

Rear shoulder rolls, place ball on floor> alternating side lunge in plie squat position> add ball roll to each side> static hold in side lunge, then turn to face side for low lunge w/ overhead reach> side lune w/ overhead arm reach> seated spinal twist> repeat on other side> standing hamstring stretch, alternate bending & straightening legs, hands on ball> spinal roll> shoulder rolls rear> neck side flexion, chin to chest, side> back stretch (cross arms in back & hold)> Bodywave arms (open & close).



This is a 40 minute functional fitness workout led by Tina with 4 background exercisers, Emily provides the beginner modifications. The set is the darker marble-esque floor w/ a grayish blue background. You will only need the ball for this workout. The dvd comes with a 4 lb pink med ball. The dvd also has a 20 minute express w/o on it.

I like this workout used as a functional fitness type workout. I was still a bit sore from my last strength w/o so I did it this today and it was a perfect fit. There is some lower body body-weight work (+ the 4 lb ball) and some UB "work" w/ the ball (4 lbs is just not heavy enough to really do much IMO). You will do a lot of multi muscle moves that will get your heart rate up -lunges and dips while chopping the ball and raising it overhead, full form squats, squats w/ an upright row, side lunges with a bicep curl, a bowling type squat, fencing lunges, etc.

The w/o really has a functional feel IMO-like i said a lot of multi muscle moves with light weight. A lot of core focused moves: twisting, chopping, etc. There are also some touching the floor moves, pushups w/ one hand on the ball, "gorilla walks" while in plank, and other "functional" type moves.

The cardio is good in this one. More challenging and heart pumping than a lot of the "pink" Firms. Some toe taps on the ball, plyos, jumping squats, side steps, and a lot of the lower body work also gets the heart rate up.

I would rate this a solid intermediate workout with the option to up or down the intensity pretty easily. I wouldnt consider it a strength w/o though. I like Tina as a lead-her cueing is lacking a bit but its all pretty straight forward and athletic so not too hard to follow. She does "whoo" a lot in this and there is a few bad camera angles and you can hear their shoes clicking, but I still like the w/o and should use it more.