Healthy Hands, Wrists & Forearms

Martin Gray
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Athletic Stretch , Special Health Conditions

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This DVD presents several therapeutic modalities for the hands, wrists and forearms. The goal is to decrease pain and increase strength and flexibility.

The DVD is presented by Martin Gray, who is a certified massage therapist (among many other talents – see Instructor Comments).

The DVD is chaptered as follows:

-Introduction (5 minutes): Martin explains he worked as a massage therapist specializing forearm, wrists and hands, but after a time due to the intense nature of his work he found his own hands were hurting. He consulted doctors, who said he had “overuse syndrome” and recommended he cut back on his massage practice (which was his livelihood) and his juggling hobby. Unsatisfied with this response, Martin studied on his own and developed his own routines to treat himself, then taught his program to others.

-Stretching (26 minutes): Martin demonstrates a comprehensive stretching program for the hands and wrists, which he recommends doing twice a week. He demonstrates the stretches while seated at a table facing the camera, but a screen behind him shows other camera angles, including from over his shoulder, which is very helpful. The stretches are done firmly but gently, with the hand/forearm relaxed, and are held 5-10 seconds. Although this DVD chapter is 26 minutes, Martin says the program will take closer to 10 minutes once you know the moves, and that you will be able to do them almost anywhere.

-Strengthening (10:45 minutes): Martin demonstrates strengthening exercises for the hands and wrists, using resistance from the opposite hand. He recommends doing the strengthening program twice a week after the stretching program, and again notes that once you know the moves you can go through the routine more quickly.

-Self-Therapy (19 minutes): Self-massage techniques for the forearms, wrists and hands, using a variety of long strokes and applied pressure from the opposite hand. During his instruction Martin includes a lot of anatomy explanation. He also relates that a few years before he had a serious fall while rock climbing, sustaining multiple fractures in both forearms, and that doing the programs from this DVD helped him regain almost full use of his arms.

-Water Therapy (8:15 minutes): Martin shows how to use hot and cold water as therapy.

-About Martin (22 minutes): An interview with Martin Gray about his other work (see Instructor Comments).

My copy of Healthy Hands is DVD-R, and I doubt it comes as a pressed DVD. It is available online from several retailers (do a Google search). I found my copy at eBay.

Bottom line: An excellent resource for self-treatment of hurting hands, wrists and forearms. Strongly recommended for anyone who works intensely with their hands, such as musicians, typists, massage therapists, dental professionals and others.

Instructor Comments:
Martin Gray is certainly a multi-talented individual. He is described as a “movement artist” and “world famous juggler,” as well as the creator of the Nomadics exercise program ( He is an author, photographer and anthropologist (Sacred Earth: Places of Peace and Power; Martin is comfortable on camera and presents in a calm, pleasant, knowledgeable manner.