One On One: Volume 2 #11 - 4 Legs

Tony Horton
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Lower Body Strength

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I love this workout!

The things I like best about this workout are:
- The work is done on one leg at a time.
- There is a lot of stretching during the workout...many exercises are a combination of toning and stretching.
- I like all of the exercises a lot so the time went by very quickly.



This workout is Vol. 2 #11 in the One On One Series. It is about 51 minutes long and has ten exercises done one time through.

Warm up

1. Russian squat, 20 per side
2. Half moon lunges, 15 per side
3. Pumpers, 25 per side (these hurt)
4. Royal dancer kicks, 10 per side
5. Seat drops, 10 per side (these were hard)
6. One legged chair, 1 minute per side
7. Teeter Totter, 10 per side
8. Cross hop (like in P90X), 30 seconds per side then repeat
9. Single leg wall squat, 2 minutes, switching legs every 15 seconds
10. Standing split and reach, 10 per side

As soon as Tony has his first bobble and his foot touches the ground, he decides he will do a push up for every instance where he has to tap the floor. I can't remember how many times he taps down, but he decides to do 50 push ups. Mason joins him and does about 40.


This was a very challenging workout. I do balancing in yoga and in strength training, but I was feeling it by the time we were done. This really will work the lower body!