321 Baby Bulge Be Gone

Ramona Braganza
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts , Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Pregnancy/Postpartum

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from my breakdowns/review posted on the general discussion forum:

3 dvds in one case. also comes w/nutritional plan(20 pages) & exercise/proper form(14 pages) via microsoft word documents that get emailed.

Baby Bulge Be Gone is a 12 week program

Phase 1: Weeks 1-4. Focuses on core training + frequency of workouts. ~25 minutes, 5 x's per week. 3 core, 2 cardio, 1 strength circuit. Ramona recommends starting once you get an okay from the dr. but waiting 6 weeks post-partum if you had a c-section.


Set=living room w/couches, no music.

1 background exerciser(her mom--when she introduces her it cuts her off so it sounds like she says her mom is 7, not 70 ). Ramona does level 1 & modifies while her mom does level 2, more advanced. Note: her mom's form is not perfect, especially noticeable on curtsey lunges(don't know if she ran out of space or what w/the couches) & lateral raises(she's using ankle weights as regular weights).

Purple on back of dvd (DVD-R?)

To me, doesn't seem like any new exercises never seen before. The sequencing of segments is different, but I don't know if it's enough to warrant a $25-30(depending on if you buy all 3 dvds or just the individual dvd) price. Although, she may justify it as she's been getting a lot of press in magazines for getting her clients back to pre-baby size/weight in about 3 or 4 months.

In breakdown, 1)=level 1, 2)=level 2, ()=total number of reps

Equipment Needed: 3, 5 & 7 lb weights(I would say 8's could work, as 7's are such an odd #). They use 5 lb ankle weights as regular dumbbells, but I think regular dumbbells would be safer/better; and chair for optional support and modifications

Pre-workout Stretch:

plies w/arms overhead
1 arm overhead side to side, still doing plie
torso rolls--clockwise & counter-clockwise
shoulder stretches
hip flexors
runners' lunge
hamstring stretch
downward dog
standing roll-up

Core 1:

Plank(~5 counts): 1)modified on knees, 2)full plank
Side plank(~5 counts, each side): 1)both hands touching the floor, 2) 1 arm in the air
Supermans(forget how many reps): 1)alternating opposite arm/leg, 2)both arms & legs lift @ same time

repeat ab exercises 1 more time thru

Cardio 1: (5 moves in a row, level 1 takes break, level 2 does not)

Squats (10): 1)sitting back into a chair
Alt. rear lunge (13): 1)holds chair for balance
Alt. curtsey lunge & touch foot w/opposite hand (14)
Alt. rear lunge w/forward kick(12): 1)holds chair
Squat jumps(10): no modifications, just mentions if you need more support, hold your chest

Core 2:

Crunches(10): no modifications
1) Lower ab crunch(knees bent) or 2)double crunch(crunch & reverse crunch combined, knees bent) x10 reps

repeat all ab exercises 1 more time thru
stretch: yoga/pilates? bridge(only hips lift up, shoulders stay on ground)

Circuit Strength Training 1: mentions if it's too easy, up the weights or do it twice

Pushups(10): 1)on knees, 2)after 5, it's okay to go to knees if you need to
Squat/shoulder press(10): 1)3 lbs, 2)5 lb ankle weights in hands
Lateral raise(10): same weights
1 arm rows(10 each side): 1)5 lb ankle weight in hand, 2)7 lb weight
Bicep curl(10): same weights(both arms holding weights, obviously)
Overhead tricep extension(10): same weight, but only using 1 weight

Core 3:

Rolldowns(10): 1)halfway down, 2)all the way down
Alt. twists(halfway down, twist side to side while touching hands to floor): 10 reps
Reverse crunches w/straight legs(10): 1)holds a chair w/arms, 2)hands under low-back

repeat all ab exercises 1 more time thru
stretch: spinal twists, each side

Cardio 2: again 1)breaks, 2)no breaks
Plie squats(10): 2) 3 extra
Alt. forward lunges(10): 1)hold chair for support, 2)4 extra
Alt. curtsey lunges, touching foot w/opposite hand(11): 2)5 extra
Alt. side squats(11): 2)3 extra
Squat jumps(10): no modifications

Stretch: quads

first workout impression: i just did phase 1 tonight, doing the level 2(more advanced). i worked up a sweat & got my heartrate up. my legs were shaking(i haven't done squats or lunges in a LONG time). the only thing i did modify was i did triceps lying down, after the overhead extensions, as i didn't feel anything w/my 8 lbs while standing.

noticed something on the exercise/proper form email attachment i got. apparently one is supposed to do 3 of the phase 1 dvd(every other day), and 2- 30 min cardio workouts(your own choice) per 1 week. good thing i saw that, as it doesn't say that in the dvd intro.
Phase 2: 3 cardio(10 minutes each), 2 core, 1 circuit.

Phase 2's focus in on the duration of the workouts(just under 40 minutes). Same equipment needed as Phase 1, plus 2 water bottles that get used as resistance in one of the cardio segments.

Notes: **I don't think the water bottles are that great of something to use. I suppose they're mentioned for a convenience factor, but I'd use 1-3 dumbbells or light weighted gloves instead. They get used mainly for punches in kickboxing segment.** Unless otherwise stated, the segments have just Ramona.

Also purple on the back--I can't get these to play on my portable dvd player, just the computer & regular dvd player that's hooked up to the tv.

She does mention if you don't like her 3 -10 minutes each cardio segments, feel free to substitute in any other cardio(ie. jog, steps, walk, etc.)

2 different sets: For mostly the cardio segments, it's in what looks to be an empty dance(?) classroom--cement floor, 2 ballet bars bolted to the wall. The ab & circuit workouts are done in a small room in an apartment: white walls, light carpet, she's also wearing a black top w/black bottoms. Very poor quality on the core & circuit segments--looks like a rough home movie.

Warmup Stretches:

plies w/arms overhead
shoulder rolls
arm circles
arms out shoulder level, reach side to side
one arm reaches overhead/side stretch
shoulder stretch while in a plie position
side lunges/reach for feet
runners' lunge
hamstring stretch
inner thigh stretch

Hip Hop Till You Drop:Cardio 1, basic to moderate choreography, each of 6 moves shown individually before a lot of TIFT'ing. This segment has both Ramona & her mom.

marches in place
Ramona faces backwards so you can see her feet move, whie her mom faces forward.
clubbing-leg to side, other leg to other side, shake hips
front/back, step side to side w/arms as hammers
front, 1/2 turn, back, 1/2 turn, one leg forward, stomp other foot by it, step back(one leg @ a time)
Ramona faces backwards again, while her mom faces the camera on the last TIFT.

Core A (Ab 1 of 2):--in apartment room?

plank on toes(8 count)--same as level 2, phase 1 just 3 more counts
side plank w/1 arm up(8 count), both sides--same as level 2, phase 1
supermans, both arms & legs up @ same time(8)--same as level 2, phase 1
child's pose
repeat all 3 ab exercises + child's pose

Kick Butt Kick Box:—about 10 minutes. Same empty dance room w/cement floor as Hip-Hop cardio segment. Level 1—Ramona, no weights, Level 2—her mom, water bottle on some exercises. Need a chair. 3 rounds.

Round 1:
Alternating cross punches(52)—level 2)holding water bottles in hands while punching. This looked very awkward. Maybe use 1-3 lbs weights of weighted gloves instead???
Side kicks(18)-both levels holding chair for balance.
Repeat cross-punches, and do side kicks on the other leg.
Bicep curls w/squats(13)-level 2 holds waterbottle.

Round 2: (Alt=alternating)
Alt. uppercuts(27)—level 2 uses waterbottles
Alt. squat/front kick(14)—level2 still had waterbottle, but didn’t seem necessary for this exercise.
Alt. hooks(22 reps)—level 2 had waterbottles
Alt. squat/front kicks(10)
Lateral raises(12)—level 2 had waterbottles, hold the last rep for 5 counts

Round 3:
Alt. double punch(punch to each side 2x’s in a row) . 17 reps—levels 2 used waterbottles
Squat/punch down & up (10)—level 2 had waterbottles
Switch sides, repeat alt. double punch(10) & punch up/downs(10)
Front kick/back kick(opposite legs. If left leg kicks front, right leg kicks back)-10 reps. Level 2 used waterbottles, but NOT needed.
Switch legs on front kick/back kick. Same reps
(Both arms) Tricep kickback (16 reps). Level 1 no weights, Level 2 waterbottles.

Circuit: from Phase 1. same apartment room as Core A. Just Ramona.
Pushups(on toes): 8, or on knees if toes not possible
Squat/shoulder press(10)—she uses her 5 lb ankle weights in her hands, in place of dumbbells.
Lateral raises, 5 lbs(10 reps)
1-arm rows(10 reps each side)—she slides her arms thru the 5 lb ankle weights and grabs 7 lb dumbbells
Bicep curls, 5 lbs (10 reps). Add up to 20 reps. Mentions her clients usually go to almost failure, where the last 5 are tough.
Do circuit again if you can.

High Low Interval Flow: 3rd cardio. Alternatives: walk, jog, stairs or any 10 minutes cardio. In one of the walk around the room recoveries she says not to walk to the fridge.

Recovery: tapping toes side to side
Alt. backward lunges, arms held out @ shoulder level (15)
Recovery: toe taps
Jogging in place (30 seconds)
Recovery: walk around the room
Alt. side lunges(15)
Recovery: march in place & march forward/back
Alt. rear lunge kicks(same leg goes back & kicks, then switch legs), arms @ shoulder height(16 reps)
Recovery: step side to side
Plie squats w/arms out(16)
Recovery: walk around the room
Alt. forward lunges, arms out(12)
Recovery: march in place
Alt. curtsey lunges w/touching hand to foot(18)
Recovery: march in place
Alt. toe tap/jump(28)
Recovery: march in place
Squat/jumps (10)

Core B:(same as Phase 1)

Rollups-hook feet under something, 10 reps
Alt. twists(15): optional, hold a 3 lb weight w/both hands.
Reverse crunches w/straight legs(15)
Repeat all 3 ab exercises
Stretch: cat/cow, downward dog, calves, standing roll-up
Phase 3

3 cardio segments(exact same as in phase 2 but they are included on the phase 3 disc), 2 circuit segments, 1 core segment: ~55 min.

Ramona suggests doing Phase 3 disc 3x's/week and adding 2-3 additional cardio of your choice.

Equipment: same as phase 2 + pillows to stack & stairs(or step/fireplace would work)

Also purple back on the dvd.

Won't include the breakdown of the cardio segments as they're the exact same clips as phase 2.

Notes: with the exception of the cardio segments, Ramona is training 1 person(2 people in the core segment). Several times throughout the circuits & core segments, she's not counting(the person doing the exercises is), but does tell you reps and she frequently says trainers can't count.

Same warmup/stretches as Phase 2

Circuit Strength A: 3 exercises, 3x's thru
Training a friend, Nicole

stack pillows for incline bench(~30 degrees), rest neck
Chest press(7 lbs)-20 reps
Overhead tricep extensions(while lying down)-7 lbs, 20 reps
Russian lunge(one leg in front, the other leg behind on a chair, hold onto something for balance, they use fireplace mantle)-10 reps/leg
Hamstring stretch w/foot on chair

Chest press(12 lbs--added 5 lb ankle weights to arms)-20 reps
Triceps-only using 5 lb ankle weights in hands, 20 reps
Russian lunges--try to balance w/out holding onto anything. 10 reps/leg
Quad stretch

(As variation options for 3rd time thru)
Chest flies(7 lbs)-20 reps
Tricep dips, using chair: 10 reps
Tricep stretch
Russian lunges-3 lbs (eventually work up to 5 or 7 lbs): 10 reps/leg

Circuit Strength B: in hallway/stairway
Training her mom, Lucy

1 arm rows: 5 lb ankle weights+7 lb dumbbells, 10 reps/arm
Lateral Lunge w/single shoulder press: 3 lb dumbbells, 10 reps/side
Step ups(up/down r/l)-10 x's; (up/down l/r)-10 x's *uses stairs, but step or fireplace would work*

Reverse flies: 3 lb dumbbells,10 w/1 leg behind, 10 w/other leg behind
Lateral Lunge w/single shoulder press: 5 lb ankle weights on arms, 10/side
Step ups w/5 lb ankle weights: up/down r/l: 10, up/down l/r: 10

Reverse flies w/1 leg behind: 5 lb ankle weights in hands, 5 reps then switch legs for last 5 reps
Lateral lunges w/single shoulder press: 8 lbs(5 lb ankle weights on arms + 3 lb dumbbells): 10/side
Step ups w/bicep curls(5 lb ankle weights in hands): up/down r/l: 10, up/down l/r: 10

Core/Abdominals: in living room again
Ramona training Nicole(level 1), and Lucy(level 2) who uses 3 lb dumbbells

Rollbacks(level 1)-10 reps or Sit-ups(level 2)-10 reps, holding 3 lb weights
Lean back, criss-crossing arms-10 reps, level 2: 3 lb weights

Repeat rollbacks/sit-ups(same # reps)
Lean back, twisting side to side(like Phase 1 & 2): level 2 uses 3 lb weights

Hold arms onto legs of furniture, legs straight up, lower as far as you can: 10 reps. Level 2: also lifts hips off floor for 10 reps afterwards
Plank, hold for 10 counts: level 1=on elbows, level 2=full pushup position, lifting alt. legs
Stretch: Child's pose

Level 1: Twisting plank(alt. side of hips touching floor) or Level 2: dolphin(on elbows, lean forward & back). Both 10 reps

Stretch: Downward dog & rollup

all in all i'd say these are solid workouts. no dread factor. everything's done in ~25-55 minutes. for most of it, you'll have to use your own music if you want music. the downloads that are emailed has a common-sense type eating plan and healthier choices for all types of restaurants, and the other one tells about proper form on the exercises. the only thing that concerns me is the price and it's just pressed so i can only watch it on the computer or tv--i frequently use my portable dvd to exercise in whatever room.

note: bought this last summer, when my youngest was 2 after the weight was pretty much already off. knew i would be having 1 last pregnancy & wanted to use this afterwards. planning on using this set exclusively during the first 12 weeks post-partum this summer(currently 33 wks preggo).

Instructor Comments:
Ramona comes across as friendly, down-to-business(but not in a drill sargent way), not over-the-top cutesy as some other instructors. Her counting's not always perfect, but this is pretty good for her 1st workout video. She also responds pretty quickly to emailed questions(within a day or two).