Metabolic Effect

Jade Teta
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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This workout is rest-based training. You push hard and then rest when you need to, and begin again when you are ready. This is supposed to enable you to work at your level and still work out hard enough to achieve the metabolic effect, a hormonal fat burning state.

Jade Teta leads the workout, but it is demonstrated by Jill Coleman, Fitness Trainer.

The workout is 33:22 min. You need two sets of dumbbells, a heavier set you will try to use for as much of the workout as possible, and a lighter set to drop down to if necessary.

Warm up and section 1 (11:19)
Warm up--jog, jumping jacks, side to side lunge, spin it out (twisting torso side to side, letting the arms swing), side to side lunge, squats, forward lunges, jog, hamstring stretches, push ups, jog.

Section 1
Squat/front raise
Squat/side raise
Repeat twice, burnout on the last set (pulse squats with a pulse press, pulse squat while doing front raises, pulse squat while doing side raises)
1 minute rest

Section 2 (5:03)
Push up/row
Chest press/crunch
Chest fly/crunch
Repeat twice, burnout on the last set (Pulsing push up at the bottom, V sit with feet off floor and do overhead presses, V sit with feet on floor and do flys)
Mountain climbers
1 minute rest (you have to pause the dvd for this rest)

Section 3 (4:56)
Row/tricep kickback
Renegade row
Repeat twice, burnout on the last set (Pulse fly in bent over position, tricep kickbacks in bent over position, pulsing push up at the bottom)
Roll up crunch punch
1 minute rest (have to pause the dvd for this rest)

Section 4 (5:23)
Lunge, bicep curl
Lunge, curl, press
Lunge, squat
Repeat twice, burnout on last set (Pulse lunge while curling, pulse lunge while doing overhead presses, pulse squat)
Switch jumps (plyo lunge)
1 minute rest (have to pause the dvd for this rest)

Cool down/stretch (5:00)
Side to side lunge, hamstring stretch, side to side stretch, chest stretch, ear to shoulder stretch, hip flexor stretch, forward bend then stretch over to one foot, quad stretch

Instructor Comments:
Jade is constantly reminding you to rest when you need to, not when Jill does. And when Jill does rest, he says things like, "That's right, Jill, rest. I want you to rest." He is talking and encouraging you the whole time.