Trim & Toned in 20

Tonya Larson
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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I have come to appreciate exercise DVDs with short workout options. This DVD gives those options. It is comprised of three sections:

> Upper body - 20 minutes
> Lower body - 20 minutes
> Core - 10 minutes

In all three sections, she alternates sections of strength building using a stability ball with cardio sections requiring simple cardio moves that she builds to a short combination. She follows the same pattern with the strength moves (which she explains in the introduction) throughout all three sections. By "combination", I mean a pattern of doing each and every move (something like 2 up, 2 down; one up, three down; singles; pulses; singles). Throughout the workout, I was impressed by how precise and clear Tonya's cueing is in this workout. There are other workouts using the stability ball during which I have to stop and look at the screen just to figure out what they are doing. That is NOT the case in this workout as she clearly describes what she wants you to do and how to make that transition on the ball.

Tonya is backed up by three exercisers, one of whom does modified moves - both easier strength moves and low impact cardio moves. She is usually on screen, but once in awhile Tonya is pointing out what she is doing when she isn't on screen. The music isn't bad techno-beat type music, but if you are looking for GOOD music, it's not there.

Besides the options listed above, the DVD also includes a Christian-oriented stretch. Tonya explains how she and her family went through multipe deployments in just a few number of years, plus both her children were born in that time frame. She says that she found herself longing for peace during this time, so she created this stretch during which she reads passages of Scripture that focus on the topic of peace. She also includes a premix with just the cardio moves and another with just the strength moves. So, this DVD is incredibly flexible with lots of options.

Instructor Comments:
Tonya offers such a good combination of encouragement, good and specific cueing, and motivation.

Laura S.


For my first workout of 2012 I did Tonya Larson's Trim and Toned in 20! All 71min of it, lol. 5min warmup done holding the stab ball {which doesn't happen in my house due to ceiling fan}, followed by UB, LB, Abs segments. Each exercise is divided into a pattern of 2 counts, 1x3, singles, pulses, singles {is that right?} at any rate, we do a lot of reps but with the different tempos the reps don't seem endless. The strength exercises are interspersed with cardio segments made up of easy to do moves such as jacks, knee ups, and charlestons. I found the ending stretch using the ball difficult because I can't stretch while trying to either intergrate or not fall off the ball. I accidently did the optional WM stretch {not using the stab ball and with a Tonya's voiceover of Bible verses} after the 'real' stretch and liked the WU version better.

Instructor Comments:
Tonya is enthusastic, she gave helpful form pointers, there is a modifier.



Tonya's newest workout uses the stability ball (no step in this workout) as a training tool to work the entire body. The workout is divided into three, 20 minute workouts, each emphasizing different areas of the body. Upper Body, Lower Body, and Abs & Core are the three segments which can also be done individually if you so choose. As an added bonus, the workout has 2 premixes: one containing all the cardio moves (perfect for a quick calorie burn) and one containing all the strength moves (in case you prefer to separate your cardio and strength or just want to quickly hit all your muscle groups in under 30 minutes). Tonya and 2 other cast members use more intermediate/advanced level moves where as modifier, Pamela, uses basic modifications throughout.

Warm Up: Using the ball, you'll begin with twists and then add a knee to it. Placing ball to floor, you'll then perform side to side lunges to warm the inner thighs. You'll also perform a gentle back stretch. Following this, you'll again pick up the ball and hold it in front of you while doing ham curls. Then you'll add in an opposite arm swing with the ball and put it in a pattern, adding in a chasse. Toe taps with ball raising overhead, then pause to stretch to the side (if you have low ceilings I'd suggest sitting the ball down for the overhead work). Now, placing ball to ground, you'll do a calf stretch, chest stretch and upper back/shoulder stretch. Hamstring stretch concludes the warmup.

Upper Body:

Beginning with shoulders, you'll sit on the ball and perform a lateral raise. Tonya always starts with a 2/2 count then moves into a fast up 1, down slow 3 count, then performs singles. Then you'll finish the set with pulses to really work the muscle! Each exercise is performed this way. Next muscle to be worked is triceps. You'll grab your mat and heavier weights. Tricep kickbacks are done bent over on your knees. Quick stretches follow each exercise worked. The first cardio is up--cross country skiing, 4 counts up, 4 back. Tonya changes it up by adding a slap back move. Single, single, double knee. March into a toe tap which then moves into a fast double time toe tap. Once you've learned the moves, Tonya runs through it a couple times. These cardio bursts really get the heart rate up and help with additional fat burning. Biceps follow. Sitting on the ball, you'll perform alternating curls. Tonya adds a small balance component to this by having one heel (the one opposite the arm being worked) off floor. This engages the core a little more. Chest is next. Getting into bridge onto the ball, you'll do a combination chest fly with a chest press. (the narrow press also somewhat hits the triceps, which is a bonus!) Cardio segment 2-begin marching. Wide step forward and back. Hop forward right leg, then left, then add a cha-cha to it. Football run. Move to left lead and repeat. Repeat sequence several times through to each side. Last upper body segment is back. Sitting on the ball you'll do narrow rows. Then you'll immediately do a rear fly. (a wonderful superset for the upper back and traps)

Lower Body: Beginning on the mat, you'll start with inner thigh work. You'll place the ball between the thighs and "squeeze" it to really tone that area. Next is hamstrings. You'll place your feet on top of the ball and raise and lower the glutes (making sure to squeeze on every raise to tighten them even further). Cardio follows. Hand to heel of foot front of body, then hand to heel to the rear. Hamstring curls. Tonya plays with the pattern, mixing the two. Jumping jacks with criss crosses are next. Same pattern left lead. Plie squats are next. Straddle the ball placing the weights on your hips. Next up is lunges. You'll hold the ball overhead then when you lunge you'll move the ball across the torso, adding in the core. (fun, as Tonya adds in a cute ball tap to it to the bottom of the move) Kick, back ball change, jump rope begins next cardio segment. You'll repeat to other side then to finish it off Tonya has you double time the jump ropes (almost making them a plyo move) before heading into the last lower body segment. The last move uses the ball only. You'll stand and put hands on the ball for balance. You'll then perform standing leg curls using Tonya's rep count (as previously mentioned).

Abs & Core: Cardio starts this segment. You'll begin with a shuffle up, shuffle back move. Elbow to knee for 16 counts. Next tap back, throw down then repeat sequence sequence opposite lead. Tonya then shortens the choreography and you'll repeat it several times, both sides. The first ab move is a V position crunch with alternating leg coming up. Next, grab mat and perform ball roll outs. (great overall core move) The next move is for the obliques. Side lying ab crunches over the ball really work the waist. Lying on your back with your feet on top of the ball, you'll perform weighted crunches with pelvic tilts to conclude the ab segment.

Stretch: Crossing one leg over opposite knee, you'll twist and then you'll glide over the ball for a nice side stretch. Kneeling, you'll grab the foot for a deep quad stretch and then you'll bring that same leg forward and perform a hamstring stretch. Repeat above to other side. Calf stretch along with another stretch held over the ball follow. Laying on the ball, you'll rollout and stretch the entire body. Eagle arms stretches the shoulders and back efficiently.

Bonus Spiritual Warm Up Stretch: I personally enjoyed this segment. Done in voiceover, Tonya does several minutes of relaxing stretches (no ball needed, just a mat) all while beautiful bible verses float in the background. Tonya reads the scripture aloud as you are stretching. I found it very peaceful and a great way to conclude the workout (or end my day). The music is relaxing and works well with the gentle stretches.