One On One: Volume 2 #10 - 100/30/20

Tony Horton
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Abs/Core , Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Upper Body Strength

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This workout is 45:30 minutes long.

Warm up

Jump rope 100 times
Crunches, 30
Regular push ups, 20

Jump rope 100 times
Oblique crunch, 30
Tricep push ups, 20

Jump rope 100 times
Crunches touching elbows to knees, 30
Wide push ups, 20

Jump rope 100 times
Gate (legs out to the side and in, lying on back), 30
Tricep push ups (Tony puts the power stands together so that the inside part is higher than the outside), 20

Jump rope 100 times
Middle of the road tick tocks (windshield wipers but don't go so low), 30
Staggard push ups, switch every two, 20

Jump rope 100 times
Legs out and in, 30
Tricep push up done with your elbows a little further back than usual, 20

Jump rope 100 times
Bike crunches, 30
Super wide push ups, 20

Jump rope 100 times
Crunch, touching toes with legs straight up in the air, 30
Wide push ups, max reps (Tony does 50)

Bonus: Tony decides to keep jumping the rope until he gets 100 jumps in a row without messing up. It takes him eight attempts. The workout is over at this point, so I'm not sure why he does this.

Cool down--stretch