One On One: Volume 1 #3 - Killer Abs

Tony Horton
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Abs/Core

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This workout is Volume 1 #3 in the One On One series. There is no warm up.

Crunches (20)
Oblique crunch (20 per side)
Legs up, crunch elbows to knees (20)
Touch toes (20)

Double leg lift (20)
In and out, legs only (20)
Frog style leg lift (20)
Dying turtle (bike crunches, 20)
Full body crunch (in and outs, 20)

Seated in and outs (20)
Seated bike crunches (20)
Seated reverse bike crunches (20)
Crunchy frog (20)
Fifer scissors (20)

Frog style lift (20)
Straight leg lift (20)
Roll up, V up (20)
Side crunch lift (20 per side)

Climb your leg (10 per side)
Mason twist (40)