One On One: Volume 1 #9 - Bun Shaper

Tony Horton
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Lower Body Strength

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I used this workout quite regularly a few years ago; eventually, I switched to something else, but I decided to give it a new life yesterday. I'm 52 and 5-6 months ago, I've started to suffer from arthrosis in my right hip. I also have a herniated disk (L4 or L5) that's been causing some tension in my lower back and inflammation in my glutes and quads, all of that on the right side also. Nothing too severe, but there's always a little something. So I've decided to test myself with Bun Shaper

After 24 hrs, I can say I feel good. My glutes are burning, but it's a good burn.I have a better range of motion in my right hip (with all those kicks) and less inflammation. My lower back is not as tensed and I felt better today than I did earlier this week. The balance is difficult to establish when you're chronically injured; you have to strenghten your weak spots and muscles, but if you overdo it or do not use proper form, your condition worsens and you injure yourself even more

I paid a lot of attention to proper technique,especially during kicks and squats. This workout is intense if you really push yourself; in terms of cardio you can kill tons of calories. After all, you're using large muscle groups here. According to my Polar, I burned over 450 calories in 49 minutes. During the second round of 9 exercices, My HR was regularly between 135-145 per minute. The second round is done at a faster pace with limited rest time. I liked that.

The workout does not focus exclusively on the glutes, but they're the ones that burn the most the next day...

Instructor Comments:
Well, Tony is Tony; I really like him a lot but I understand that for some, he can be a little too much; on this particular DVD, though, he's not really that much of a clown. Actually, he focuses a lot on proper technique and this helps you get the most out of the workout



This is Volume 1 #9 in the One on One Series. It is about 45 min. long.

No warm up. When Mason arrives, Tony is jumping rope. After a quad stretch, he jumps right in.

Wide stance side to side squats (40)
Knee up, back lunge (20 per side)
Side kicks (30 per side)
8 card pick up
Cross over step back lunges, alternating (30)
this is like a curtsy lunge only you keep the back leg straight
Back kicks (30 per side, 25 in the second set)
this is a mule kick with hands on a chair for balance
Sit down stool (30)
this is a low squat, barely grazing the stool
Super lunge, aka Mary Katherine (20) Tony holds a med ball for this one
Core cross crunch side kick (20 per side)
with hands on chair, bring knee to opposite elbow then kick straight out
to the side