One On One: Volume 2 #2 - Core Ball Sandwich

Tony Horton
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Abs/Core , Balance/Medicine/Mini/Stability Ball, Upper Body Strength

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This workout is Volume 2 #2 in the One On One series. Tony does a pull exercise, a core exercise, and a push exercise.

He warms up using tubing tied to a pull up machine.

L chin ups

Side arm crunch (from side plank, bring elbow and knee together)

Stability ball push ups with hands on the ball and feet on a bench

Knee up pull up

Stability ball plank crunch (roll ins with feet on the ball)

Plyo ball push up. Tony shows two ways to do this. Put one hand on a ball (he uses a basketball), push up, roll the ball to the other hand, push up. The other way is to push up, switch hands without rolling the ball, and push up. This is the way he does them, and he does them very fast.

Big ball crunch. Lie on stability ball with arms overhead and curl up into a crunch. Tony finds these very hard for some reason. It was one of the easier moves for me!

Round house pull up (circle knees side to side)

V ball core crunch. Lying down, hold a ball and bring it towards your feet as you do a V sit up

Sphinx push ups. These are hard to explain and were impossible for me to do. From elbow plank in sphinx position you rock your body forward, push up, come down, rock back

Repeat all exercises.

There is no cool down or stretch.

The workout is about 38 minutes long.