Exercise TV: Incredible Abs

Cindy Whitmarsh
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Abs/Core

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This dvd has three separate 20 minute active ab workouts that you can do individually or "play all" for a 60 minute ab challenge! The set is nice and open, hardwood floors and bright walls. Cindy works out alone and gives great form pointers and reminders throughout. You will need light dumbbells for some of the work.

I seriously can't get over how unique and effective the ab work is in this. She does new fun moves, creating thoroughly effective core workouts. Each 20 minute w/o is the perfect intensity for me. By the end- my abs are screaming! But I can get to the end and finish strong. She hits the ENTIRE core here-upper, lower, mid abs, lower back, & obliques- nothing is missed. And my heartrate was up-BONUS! I would rate this as a solid intermediate ab workout.

The first workout has my new favorite ab move: runner abs- you're on your knees and you move your upper body/arms like your running-your abs will feel this! Very functional and effective. She also does V sits, plank knee pulls, arm walks (ouch!), side bends & reaches on your knees, some unique crunch variations, rocker abs (hits the obliques), corkscrew crunches, and more. A great way to spend 20 minutes on your abs and like I said, my heartrate was up!

The second workout is what I would classify as core cardio. Which I LOVE, I have 2 others core cardio w/o's and I use them constantly! She does a few ab/ core moves and then a nice cardio burst. Some of the moves include jump rope w/ knee pulls, a side lunge/ leg lift swing move, standing crunches, rocker abs (oblique bends), bob and weave, burpee/ blowout into updog, side plank w/ a twist, plank jacks w/ a knee tuck (tough!).

In the final workout Cindy does a 10 minute routine -first the right side, then the left side. Then she finishes up with 10 more minutes of ab work. This workout is all standing or in plank position. Some of the moves include a dip w/ an upper body twist, a dip with a dumbbell chop, a 1/2 moon (pull knee up to side and arm down to knee while standing), plank w/ clock toe taps, a dumbbell pulldown, and lower body pull, etc. This workout flew by! Lots of good active, purposeful ab/ core work.

While I truly enjoyed all 3 segments, this dvd is worth the purchase for w/o #2 alone. Core cardio workouts are excellent add-ons OR as stand alone workouts when you are time crunched. I add on ab/core work every day so these workouts are a welcome addition to my collection. No boring crunches! All fun effective and ACTIVE! Highly recommended!!!!