10 Minute Solution: Ultimate Bootcamp

Jessica Smith
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Total Body Workouts

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This is one of the newer 10 Minute Solution DVDs that is more advanced and has less downtime spent on warm ups/cool downs. Like all 10MS workouts, there are five, 10 minute chapters with a specific focus, which can be played in entirety, individually, or in any order as desired. Jessica instructs (alone) in an open gym like setting. I’d say this is a toning-focused circuit workout except for the first chapter which is all cardio. Lindsey already provided a breakdown of moves so I’m just going to add my opinions.

Fat Fighting Skills and Drills: This is a fast moving string of high intensity, sporty exercises. It certainly got my heart pumping! I think this is a nice prelude to the other, more strength-focused exercises. Jessica says you can make it low impact but she doesn’t demonstrate that option.

Ultimate Total Body Training: This was a fun and intense combination of upper and lower body moves with some bodyweight moves like pushups. There were some functional exercises like plank rows and wood chops which helped to really work the core. My heart rate was really high in this one and I felt really challenged, and it was fun! I’d say this was my favorite chapter.

Ultimate Upper Body Training: This was another fun combination using light-moderate weights and included rows, biceps curls, triceps dips on the floor, more plank work and pushups (traditional and triceps). Even though the focus was on arms, there were still core challenges, and somewhat of a cardio impact.

Ultimate Lower Body Training: This chapter was completely unweighted, which I was initially skeptical about, but she sure showed me! Thanks to the lack of weights, you can really go deep into the squats and lunges and keep it up at a cardio pace. The plyo lunges really helped get a burn in the legs. Some of the exercises reminded me of her 10MS Belly Butt and Thigh Blaster workout. Since you are working the legs there is of course a cardio impact here too.

Six Pack Ab Attack: Another fun combination of quick moving crunch and plank combinations. This chapter was also unweighted. There were LOTS of quick transitions in this one (borderline annoyingly so) from plank to prone to plank and back. Nevertheless, the abs were certainly challenged, especially if you had done the other chapters first which preexhausted the core. I would say this is my least favorite chapter because it was so rushed and disjointed.

On the whole I really enjoyed this workout because I REALLY like Jessica (I have several of her workouts and plan to acquire the rest soon, she is a natural instructor!) I have to say I really didn’t like all the “soldier” talk, and there’s quite a bit of it in each chapter. I usually find that silly stuff endearing but it was mostly just annoying here. But the exercises were great and the whole DVD just flew by. Jessica tends to lean towards combination and functional style exercises in her workouts which I really enjoy. I will use this one on a regular basis. I would say it is intermediate-advanced. Overall grade B+!

Instructor Comments:
Jessica is a great instructor. She’s cheerful, she mirror cues, and gives good form pointers. Like I mentioned, she has a certain style (combination moves, quick moving, lots of core engagement) which works really well for me. I have a lot of confidence in her and know that I will like every workout that she leads. So far I’ve tried her 10MS kickbox, ab, and loop band workouts and have an eye on her other non-10MS workouts too since they look like a similar style.

Emily B.


I really like this workout. Fat Fighting Skills and Drills is pretty much all drill-style cardio. You change up what you're doing so often that it doesn't get boring. Ultimate Upper Body Training includes some functional style moves and a fair amount of pushups, which I liked. Ultimate Lower Body Training was pretty challenging, mostly because you don't really get any breaks - it's a nice short lower body workout. Ultimate Total Body Training is also a nice short total body workout that includes a lot of combination moves. Haven't tried the ab section. Overall, I'd say this is high intermediate, and has some nice combinations of moves I haven't seen.

Nyx Black


This is a bootcamp-esque dvd by 10 Minute Solutions, led by Jessica Smith, who works out alone in a nice wide open set. This dvd includes cardio and strength moves. There are five 10 minute segments that you can use individually or mix and match to create a 10-50+ minute workout. You will need a few sets of dumbbells for some of the segments.

I did all 5 segments this morning and got a great cardio and a great stength workout! The segments go by FAST and each segment got/kept my heartrate up. Jessica does an awesome job leading and all the moves have a fresh & unique feel to them without being complicated or confusing. I felt my muscles being worked in a different way than traditional strength training moves. She adds in agility moves and balance work as well. There is a definate functional feel but you are able to heavy up-the best of both worlds.

FAT FIGHTING SKILLS & DRILLS: is a fun and unique cardio workout that really got my heartrate up and got me sweating from the get go-jumping jacks, squat thrust variations, "mud crawling." The moves are all athletic and straightforward with a definate bootcamp feel to them. Loved this section-no wasted time. 10 minutes WELL spent.

ULTIMATE UPPER BODY TRAINING: Includes some cardio and explosive moves to keep your heartrate up. I used a few dif sets of dumbbells. The moves were unique and had a functional feel to them, wood chopping, sand bag carrying, pushup and walking plank variations, Mt. climbers, etc. My UB will feel this tomorrow. My core was working in many of the moves-nice bonus.

ULTIMATE LOWER BODY TRAINING: This segment is unweighted but there are enough reps and she goes low into them so I didnt even use dumbbells though you could if you felt the need. There are some jumping squats and plyo lunges that will get your heartrate up and my legs were burning by the end of the 10 minutes. She also incorporates some balance work and bun squeezes. This segment is all done standing.

ULTIMATE TOTAL BODY TRAINING: This segment is full body strength work using a heavy pair of dumbbells. My heartrate was up the entire time and there are some straight cardio & agility moves as well. Again, there were some unique moves in here. A squat with a bicep curl into an overhead press, an explosive front raise into an overhead tricept extension, & pushups.

SIX PACK AB ATTACK: starts with some standing ab work and then goes down to the floor for crawling planks, plank twists, side planks, crunch variations, and sit up variations. My abs were fried by the end of this. Unique and fun and kept in the boocamp spirit.

I would rate this a high intermediate AWT (aerobic weight training) workout. I love workouts that provide enough strength work to count as a strength day but burn enough calories to count as a cardio day-this dvd did just that! This dvd is an excellent addition to my (large) workout collection. I love bootcamp workouts and have many of them but this one really is unique! I see myself reaching for this often as a whole or in pieces. There is really no wasted time here!