Get Extremely Ripped 1000

Jari Love
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Abs/Core , Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Lower Body Strength , Step Aerobics , Total Body Workouts, Upper Body Strength

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Full disclosure: I received a free review copy of this workout.

I do a Jari Love workout once in a great while. In the past, I haven't kept many of her DVDs because they were just too long and the number of reps just seemed extreme in some of her workouts (to me). I would get bored.

The focus of this workout is interval training, where Jari has you alternate between three minutes of cardio, followed by 1-2 minutes of strength training. The effect of this format is maximized by the compound moves in the strength training segments.Another thing that makes this workout tough is that there aren't rests between each exercise; the workout moves from cardio right into strength training each time, so your heart rate stays elevated throughout the workout.

This is a long workout, just over an hour, but the DVD menu gives you the option of doing just half of the interval segment with two 30-minute intervals workout options. You also have options to do just the cario intervlas, just the weight training segments, or just the abs. I REALLY like having these options because I rarely exercise an hour or more. To do this workout, you will need various sets of dumbbells - light, medium, and heavy. A step is optional, but it will really make the workout more intense if you have one.

In the introduction, Jari explains that different exercisers will be working at different levels. She identifies the beginning modifier, the intermediate exercisers, and the advanced exercisers. The first row of exercisers did not use the step and did use lighter weights. The second row of exercisers did use the step and used heavier weights. I liked this set up. Yet, it cracked me up because the "intermediate" exerciser in the front row did use lighter weights and didn't use the step, yet she jumped higher and did things harder than seemingly anyone else, especially with the cardio moves.

Another nice feature that was also on Get Extremely Ripped is that each segment ends with a timer that counts down the last thirty seconds of that segment. It was nice to have when I was just beginning to wonder how much longer the set would go on.

Things I liked about the video:
1. The music - Jari & the gang were in sync with the music, which was the appropriate volume and tempo for the workout. In the introduction, she said that she had chosen the music to complement this workout and I thought it did. It was still techno-beat, generic music, but I thought that at least it fit the workout well.

2. The options - The exercisers showed different options and you could pick and choose. Plus, Jari verbally gave even more options as she went through the workout. I liked having so many variations - both easier and more difficult - given for each exercise. I tended to stay with Levels 1 and 2, although once in awhile I went with the hardest option.

3. The compound movements - This is, Of course, not a new concept, but I really liked how she mixed upper-body movements - curls, triceps kickbacks, arnold presses, etc. - with leg movements (squats and lunges mainly).

4. Her - I thought she was very likeable in this workout. She gave instruction and was serious, but there were moments of levity and laughter as well. Plus, I found that she motivated me to keep going as a round of exercise neared the end.

Things I did NOT like about the video:

1. Camera angles - Sometimes, she would be starting a new exercise and the camera would be tight on Jari or another exeriser and I couldn't see what was being done until the third or fourth rep.

2. Counting - Jari was scattered with her counting in this workout. She lost count; she would say there were a few more and then get to talking; she would seemingly lose track of where she was.

3. Joints - There are a lot of squats and lunges. For those with bad knees, beware! Also, the beginner modifier did not always modify for impact. For example, in the jumping jack segment, the beginner modifier does simple jumping jacks through much of the segment, while the rest of the exercisers did variations of jumping jacks. Jari verbally gave low-impact options eventually. Why didn't the beginner modifier just do those options?

Overall, I liked this workout and I will keep it since it has those options for the shorter workouts.

Instructor Comments:
I liked her manner and how she was encouraging. I didn't like the parts where she seemed scattered and lost count.

Laura S.