Firm: Express Abs (Wave)

Emily Welsh
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Abs/Core

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This is a 10 minute ab workout led by Emily with two background exercisers. Tina shows the beginner modifications. The set is a nice blue and they are working out on an elevated platform of sorts. For this dvd you will need the Firm Wave and I would suggest the little mat that comes with it as well (to prevent the Wave from sliding).

I really like this little ab workout and don't use it enough. Because it uses the Wave it offers something different from your average ab workout IMO. Its fun and though short, I do feel it in my abs!

Emily really takes advantage of the Wave in this one. She does planks with your feet on the Wave, planks with your hands on the Wave, she has you standing on the Wave, laying over the Wave, your lower body on the Wave, sitting on the Wave, etc...I like that she really does use the equipment the dvd was made for but doesnt use it just for the sake of using it-the exercises actually make sense and are effective.

Some of the other exercises include a V-sit on the Wave with toe taps, standing on the Wave and "carving" it with a twist, balance work on the unstable side of the Wave, crunches with your feet over the Wave, supermans while lying over the Wave, etc. The only uncomfortable move is the V-sit on the Wave-hard plastic + tailbone = uncomfortable.

I would rate this a solid intermediate workout maybe even high int? If you have the Wave you should have this w/o because I like it and there arent very many Wave workouts out there and who knows if we will see more. Emily does a good job leading this one and isnt confusing or "all over the place" like she seems in some of her other dvds.