Advanced Strength Training Vol. 2 Workout 1

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Year Released: 2010

Categories: Abs/Core , Body Bar , Lower Body Strength , Step Aerobics , Total Body Workouts, Upper Body Strength

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This workout from is a Body Pump style workout. One body part is worked during each 5 minute segment, using one or more exercises during each segment. There are lots of pulses and tempo variations during each segment. Equipment includes bar bell (I used my body bars); a step bench to lie down on or you can lie on the floor; and plates or optional dumbbells for a few moves.

Sections include:
A weighted full-body warm up, no cardio.
Biceps with full reps and half reps.
Tris, shown on optional step bench, exercises include extensions and presses (skull crushers).
Lunges, by this time the lower body had already been worked so I had to go kind of light for the lunges.
Chest on the bench, flyes are done with plates or dumbbells.
Sholders, working anteior, lateral, and posterior delts. (shoulders are near the end and have been pre-fatigued as stabalizers for previous exercises).
Abs on floor.

Set is well lit and pleasant. Production quality, picture, and sound are all good. This is a DVD-R (purple back) and I was pleasantly suprised that it played on my 10 year old DVD player.

Instructor Comments:
Instructor is upbeat, encouraging, and genuine. Cues and form pointers are good. I thought her form was strange on the squats, it looked like her upper body was bending too far forward. When I previewed it, I thought she was doing good mornings!