One On One: Volume 1 #2 - Road Warrior

Tony Horton
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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This workout is Volume 1 #2 in the One On One series.

Workout time: 53 minutes

This workout uses tubing and body weight. It is a travel workout.

Warm up, stretches

Round one:
Push ups (Tony does 30 very fast)
Lawn mower (15 per side)
Overhead press (20)
Bicep curls (20)
Tricep press up (20 per side)
Squats (30)
Walking lunges with isometric hold (16)

Round two:
Push up into side plank (10)
Two arm row (20)
Arnold press (17)
Open arm curl (20)
Two arm throw (25)
Run stance squat (40)
Side lunge touch (30)

Round three:
Push ups, fingers pointed out for two, fingers pointed in for two (Tony does 30)
Lawn mower, palms forward, five slow and five fast (30 per side)
Three way fly (8)
21's (biceps)
Side tri rise (15 per side)
Squat, touch the floor, with three foot positions (12 ea. position)
Switch lunge (30)

Speed round:
Fast push ups (Tony does 20)
One arm row (20 per side)
Overhead press (20)
Bicep curls (20)
One arm tricep press (20 per side)
Squat, touch the floor (20)
Walking lunge (20)

Stretches, 100 fast bike crunches, more stretches