One On One: Volume 1 #8 - Mammoth UML

Tony Horton
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Abs/Core , Lower Body Strength , Upper Body Strength

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This workout is Volume 1 #8 in the One On One series.

Workout time: 55 min.

Warm up

Standard push ups (Tony does 40)
Frog style crunches (He says 30 but I think he does 35)
Deep squats (30)
Chair dips with feet on one chair and hands on another (30)
Fifer scissors (40)
Run stance squat jump (30)
Tricep push ups (3) into a side plank (21 total)
Mason twist, done very slowly (30)
Walking lunges (he says 30 but I only counted 27)
Staggard push ups, switch every five reps (40)
Frog style hip lifts (30)
Balancing bowler lunge (20 per side)
Pike press with feet elevated (20)
Bike crunches, fast (60 per side)
Side to side hop, balance and touch the floor (40)
Plyo skippers (from push up position, you "hop" forward on your hands and feet and then hop back; these are very hard. Tony does five passes.)
Side lying oblique crunch (30 per side)
Tuck jumps (40)


There is a bonus stretch segment that is about 15 minutes long.

This dvd was shot at a ski resort (Mammoth, hence the name). Tony says it is for traveling, a workout you can do in a small hotel room. I found it to be pretty challenging considering you use no equipment.