Healing Yoga for Common Conditions

Lisa Matkin, Charles Matkin
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Yoga

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Healing Yoga for Common Conditions is a 35 minute beginner practice. Lisa and Charles, the presenters, take it in turns to present segments, with one person practicing, while the other narrates.
The DVD is separated into three segments;
– breath and subtle stretching
– poses that challenge
– tension release and relaxation.

The chaptering does not reflect the three segments, although it is pretty easy to work out where the transition points are. Unless you want to hear the short intro each time, use of the chaptering is a must. The chapters are;
- Introduction
- Breathe
- Sun breathes and gentle lunges
- Forward bend and down dog
- Twists
- Chest lifts
- Back bends
- Final relaxation
- End credits.

The DVD cover states this DVD can be beneficial for High Cholesterol, Diabetes, Weight management and Improving Circulation and although this is referred to during the DVD, they don’t labour the point too much. The main thing about it is that the practice is tailored for people who really are beginners and may be unfit, unfamiliar with yoga or inflexible.

The cuing is well done with clear instructions that don’t leave me wondering what I am meant to be doing, and achievable poses. Overall, I find this DVD is soothing & calming and challenges me just enough. (I am the absolute target market, new to yoga, inflexible and carrying health issues.)

One minor point for people who also own healing Yoga for Aches and Pains – the backdrop is the same poolside overlooking beach, and the music is the same too, although there is a voice only option.