Tonique 2

Sylwia Wiesenberg
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Abs/Core , Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Lower Body Strength , Upper Body Strength

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Sylwia's 2nd Tonique offering provides 2, 50 minute workouts (each on their own discs). This provides a great way to maximize your efforts and prevent boredom! Each workout emphasizes both cardio and muscle toning, keeping heart rate up for fat burning.

Disc one begins with a warmup. (this is the same as the one on her mat workout--again, no visual cues, you'll just have to follow along) Next up is a Pure Cardio section lasting 9 minutes. The cardio is vigorous, perfect for individuals who love "old school" aerobics! You'll start with jumping jacks, crossing the feet as you jump. The next move is a leg lift knee to chest move. Sylwia will vary the counts on this move, sometimes keeping you on one leg, having you lift the knee multiple times before switching. The next sequence is a sprint in place/butt kick which you'll repeat several times before moving onto rope jumps. You'll finish off the cardio section with some more knee to chest. The cardio sculpt portion is next. The first part is considered "Sculpt" and is 18 minutes long and the 2nd part is considered "Cardio" and is 16 minutes. You'll see many variations of squats and lunges to keep heart rate up and really work the lower body. Sylwia also uses light hand weights to up the intensity. (and work the upper body too) Disc 2 continues with the same warmup (or cooldown, as you can decide to do this segment as either a warmup or a cooldown) as disc 1. The Cardio in this disc is 20 minutes and consists of using the large muscle groups of the lower body with squats and lunges (to get a good calorie burn and effectively tone the area). It also mixes in a little kicking and punching so it is very different from the more "athletic" style cardio in disc 1. The next segment is called Cardio Lunge and runs for 15 minutes. I'm not sure why it was called that because the cardio was varied (using more than just lunges) and it also included some straight forward toning moves with the light weights, like tricep kickbacks. The last segment is called Lower/Upper Body Sculpt and runs for 10 minutes. This segment begins with a cardio intensifier (jumps) and then goes into sculpting with light hand weights. You'll perform high reps for fast toning!



Tonique 2 Disc Two
Warmup(8 min): Same as in disc one- see review above

Cardio Squat and Lunge (20 min)This is the title on the main menu- when you select this chapter the title comes up as "Cardio Sculpt":
This section starts out with kickboxing moves then continues on to squats and lunges. There is some impact in these moves but they can be modified or done on a rebounder. As in the other Tonique workouts there are about 30 reps of each exercise on each side:
side to side punch, diagonal knee lift to chest alternating sides, front punch left, front hook left, front punch right, front hook right

side kick/squat left then add touch to the floor, pulsing lunge, diagonal rear lunge into half squat (these three exercises done all on left side then all on the right side. )

Side lunge, left leg forward lunge, half moon left leg front and back lunge, lunge sweep left leg (this is a diagonal lunge, sweeping arms to the front leg side of the body) Repeat these three exercises on the right side.

*- high impact move that can be done on rebounder.
Cardio Lunge ( 15 min):
Squat jump with punch* jog in place *switch sides
lunge drill (side to side lunges with arm sweep)
jump demi cross lunge (like jumping jacks)*
basic squat
lunge kick squat kick left with bicep curls using light weights, arm extension (like a row) right with a demi squat, tricep extension right, do these three exercises again on the opposite side.
forward lunge side leg extension while raising arms to the sides with light weights

Lower/ Upper body Sculpt (10 min.)

cross lunge jump* pickup weights and do:
arm extensions, arm circles, squat with overhead press(rotating torso and leg to the side) butterfly, arm opening extension (elbows bent so dumbbells are at chest thenextend arms out to the sides) As per SOP, lots of reps of all these exercises



Tonique 2-Disc one.
This is part of a 2 DVD set by Sylwia Weisenberg. It is basically a low weight high rep workout primarily for the lower body. The set is the same as the Tonique Mat workout (blue background with white sail-like hangings.)
The first workout in this set(2.1) is divided Four Sections: Warmup,Pure Cardio, Sculpt Squat and Lunge and Cardio Squat and Lunge

Warmup: This section is called Cooldown/Stretch(8 minutes) I think it is to be used as a warmup because it appears first in both 2.1 and 2.2 workouts. Sylwia is wearing a swimsuit in this section and does some stretching and flowey kinds of moves. I do not like this section because I don't like to stretch before I warmup and it seems like Sylwia is posing in many of the moves. Then of course there's the swimsuit which I find bizarre so I just skip this section. For a warmup, I do the Pure Cardio portion slowly and controlled on the rebounder ( it is fairly high impact ) and then do it again more vigorously as the cardio portion proper.

Pure Cardio(8 min): Alot of high impact moves like jumping jacks, alternating knee lifts to the side, jogging in place, knee up sprints, butt kicks, rope jumps. boxer shuffle etc. Most if not all of the moves are very easy to do on the rebounder.

Sculpt squat and lunge-Note: the title when you select this chapter comes up as "Cardio Sculpt" (18 min): This section has moves that will work the upper and lower body using light hand weights and will get your heart rate up. Moves include:
basic squats with bicep curls, squat with side leg extension, single leg squat leg extension, squat/curtsey lunge combo, butterfly (rear delt flys) squat/side step combo alternating sides with bicep curls, then squat side step on one side then the other, pulse squats, lunge with kicks etc.

Cardio Squat and Lunge (16 min): arm extension, squat arm and leg extension, pulsing squats, alternating squat front kicks, squat jump*, hold squat, squat leg swoosh alternating, jumping jack squat*, squat knee up, long lunge alternating, long lunge with small jumps alternating, single leg rear lunge, diagonal lunge, shake out legs, squat jump*, single leg lunge pull, squat jump*
*- high impact move that can be done on rebounder.
Keep in mind there are LOTS of reps of these exercises and your legs will be fried by the end. With the exception of the warmup music which is awful, the music is not terrible but its not great either.Its hard to explain but its sort of techno-rock. I usually mute the TV and play my own music. I like that for some exercises she works one leg at a time and alternates legs for others.

The workout is well chaptered-each exercise is chaptered separately.

Instructor Comments:
Sylwia is very encouraging as an instructor. She offers form pointers regularly but does not mirror cue.

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