Unexpected Step

Jenny Ford
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Step Aerobics

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First time video lead, Jenny Ford, takes you through a challenging, 1 hour mixed impact step workout. (the actual stepping is approximately 43-44 minutes long so you get a lot of cardio)

The set is on a wooden platform with a white background with what appears to be pink, yellow, black and blue ribbons strewn about. Two background exercisers, Barbara and Andy, join Jenny. There are no modifiers, however I am not a "choreography" hound and found with Jenny's clear instructions (she always pre-cues a change so you know what is coming up) and the fact that she uses basic moves to start with, I was able to catch on. Jenny also included a bonus segment entitled "Learning Curves". Here she will take you through all 4 combo's with her back to you so you can learn the choreography exactly as you will be doing it. The music was upbeat instrumental.

Jenny always begins with basic moves and then builds in complexity, leading up to the complete combo. Here is a breakdown of the moves you'll be doing in each combination:

Combo 1: Stomp walk knee off corner, spin (or march), 6 point mambo, spin (or march), side leg hop over bench, shuffle spin, side leg turn out, then side leg on the floor.

Combo 2: Elvis off end of bench, Elvis reverse on top of bench, straddle off front, 6 point mambo front, 2 knee repeater, exit into revolving door, basic step (or basic reverse).

Combo 3: Step over pony (or tap) for 3, knee step out, 3 hamstrings front, knee lift cross back, cha-cha on corner, kick back kick travel, step back pivot 2.

Combo 4: Arabesque to center, exit to v-step up, rock back 2, exit, jack on floor, helicopter cha-cha, mambo cha-cha, tick tock over, stomp down up.

If you are looking for a nice, LONG, steady state intermediate/advanced, step workout, this just might fit the bill!

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