Demystified Yoga Volume 2

Heidi Valenzuela
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Yoga

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Focusing on the physical and stress relieving benefits of yoga, this workout contains 3 special sequences. Each of these practices run 20 minutes which are perfect for busy days. Heidi does have a modifier show easier modifications on every pose.

Neck & Shoulders:
Using a flowing warmup, this sequence would provide a perfect beginning to any day. Standing in mountain pose, here you'll tune into your breath and set your intentions for your practice. Gentle arm raises rise and fall with the breath. A nice flowing side stretch to each side is repeated several times. Forward bend, hinge, then release to stand--again repeating sequence using your breath as your guide. Sunflower's are next. Stepping wide on the mat, you'll raise arms up, then scoop them down with knees bent. Daisy's are next. You'll take the arms in big circles up and around. Mountain pose into Warrior 1 pose. Flowing archer moves with the breath and naturally progresses itself into Warrior 2. Reverse the Warrior. Wide leg straddle fold follows. Ease back to standing for a chest expansion pose. Return to mountain pose. Repeat opposite leg. After the chest expansion on the 2nd side, you'll begin doing half circle neck rolls. Then looking up, you'll repeat the half circle motion. A gentle neck stretch follows. Shoulder rolls and then shoulder "crunches" follow. (the crunches actually retract the shoulders back and front) Return to mountain. Eagle arms are next and are great to stretch the shoulder. Cow face arms follow and use of a strap is optional. Moving to all fours, gently arch into cow, then round into cat. You'll perform this following the breath. Rest in child's pose. Relaxation concludes this segment.

Lower back:
Begin lying on your back, concentrating on the back. Adding on, you'll add a gentle pelvic tilt. Next, draw one knee in, then release. Do to other side. Repeat several times and then come up to all fours. With hands in fists, perform cat/cow. Spinal balance follows. Modified plank into child's pose with a gentle push up--this is done as a flow. Down dog is next. Full plank into child's pose. You'll perform this sequence (down dog, full plank, child's pose) in a flow. Forward fold is next followed by mountain pose. A flowing chair pose is repeated several times before holding chair pose. Sunflowers follow, performed wide on the mat. Remaining with feet wide, hinge forward, engaging core muscles and hold the hinged position. Now fold fully to the floor. Return to the front of the mat, forward fold and move again to all 4's no the floor. Return to cat/cow. Two gentle back stretches follow while lying on the stomach. Return to your back and place strap around both feet, gently pulling legs closer to the body. Heidi then does the same stretches with legs wide. Hug knees to chest. Return feet to floor and proceed to reclined pigeon, a great hip opener. Float arms to shoulder height, cross knees and perform twist to the right. Repeat to other side.

Before Bed:
Sitting crossed legged in a seated position, begin with your breathing. (calming the mind, relaxing the body) Gentle head rolls move into seated cat/cow stretches. Now move to all fours and perform the cat/cow sequence again and then move into down dog. Rest in chid's pose. You'll slowly flow from these two positions several times. Next, sit up for one legged forward folds. (a strap can be used if needed) Cradle the baby follows. Drawing the leg toward the body, you'll progress by placing the foot outside opposite knee and twist. Butterfly pose is next. This pose opens the groin and stretches inner thighs. Facial massage along the temples helps release tension. In a comfortable seated position, you'll begin nostral breathing. Next you'll move to your back and perform a gentle pelvic tilt. This gradually moves into a flowing bridge and then you'll hold bridge pose. Relax with gentle breathing. Arms out to a T, rotate into a twist. Final rest position concludes this session and the program.

This is a great program and perfect for all levels!

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