Yoga Short & Sweet

Eve Baldwin
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Yoga

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With 5 selections to choose from, you are sure to be able to fit something into your busy day. Eve also included 2, two minute meditations, Self Appreciation and Global Connection.

Relaxed Energy: Beginning standing, grounding yourself, preparing yourself for the practice. Next you'll begin a breathing exercise, allowing the old out, the new in. Next shake out the hands and legs, release. Find your home stance. Next, crossing arms over chest, you'll perform a standing crunch. (I've never seen this performed as a yoga move but I enjoyed doing it, *bonus ab work*) You'll then repeat this to sides, working the obliques. Round back, forward bend with bent knees, repeat. Next, on all fours, you'll perform cat/cow. (one movement for every breath) Down dog follows. Next you'll flip over to your back and perform bridge pose. A nice twist to each side follows.

Calm Mind: Starting in home stance, breath deep. Following is a twist, left then right. Shoulder rolls then move into tree pose. Hands to heart, forward fold, then move onto all fours. Down dog is next. Moving to stomach, you'll roll shoulders up and back into a small cobra position. Child's pose then move onto your back again. From here you'll bring the knees up and gently rock from side to side. Next, crossing right ankle over left knee and holding your leg, you'll perform a nice hip opening stretch. Conclude with rest pose.

Vibrant Health: Starting in home stance, fingers interlace overhead into a deep breath sequence. Balance pose is next. You'll lift one knee up and then raise opposite arm and place that hand on top of the knee, hold. Chair pose follows. (you'll do this several times with a forward fold in between) Down dog is next. You'll then raise one leg into air and then bring the knee into forehead and then extend it back up. Butterfly pose stretches inner thighs and groin. Next you'll lie on your stomach and clasp hands behind you, rising upper shoulders/head off floor. Last, in a seated position, you'll conclude with a nice twist.

Inner Power: Starting with feet wider than your mat, you will move into a deep plie. Add the breath while holding the plie. Forward bend into down dog. Plank into cobra. Move back to down dog. Chair pose follows. Forward fold then come all the way up to standing. Back to forward fold. Boat pose works the core. Table follows. Boat again then table. Lie on back and rock back & forth on the spine. Next are crunches. A lying wide straddle pose follows. Bridge is next. Hug knees to chest and rock side to side. A gentle twist follows.

Inner sexy: Dancy, groovy, sensual--very mature (definitely sexy) No choreography, just let loose and follow Eve's lead!