Radiant Flow Yoga

Janet Stone
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Yoga

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This practice steps it up a notch from her previous practice, Mellow Flow. It is more athletic and is recommended for more intermediate/advanced participants. (some poses are truly very advanced and prior yoga experience would be beneficial)

You'll begin seated with deep breathing, setting your intention for your practice and preparing yourself for the vigorous session. Reach up and fold over into forward bend, hold. Move into down dog. Janet offers guidance along the way which will benefit intermediates trying out the practice! Ripple back and forth through the spine from down dog to plank, repeating this flow several times. Drop to hands and knees and bring right knee in, then draw it back. Rounding and expanding the back, adding in the opposing arm. Now you'll move to the side, grab foot and stretch. Following this you'll perform several alternating knee into chest from hands & knees position before moving back to down dog. Repeat to left side. A nice chest expansion with hands behind back follows. Down dog into plank rounding out the back several times. Right leg to sky, draw it in, lunge. Triceps stretch is added. Flow back into down dog. Repeat left side. (repeating the down dog, plank, chattaranga flow several times between each sequence of exercises) The next move starts with down dog. Then you'll bend one leg and while keeping it bent, move to plank. From here spin to outside of the outer foot and reach. Chair follows into forward bend. Move into lunge, twist. Reach arm back for the rear leg for additional quad stretch. Repeat other leg. Chair twist to both sides. (repeating this several times in a flow) Bound behind wide legged forward bend. Crescent lunge is next. Janet adds a nice chest expansion to this. Eagle arms are also included. You'll perform a one legged move and a difficult side crow in this sequence. Repeat opposite side. Full crow is also demonstrated. Rest in childs pose. Various twists are prior to warrior 2. Reverse warrior into triangle. Move into deep forward lunge and then twist. You'll spin into a deep wide forward standing bend. Another advanced pose, headstand, follows. A deep plie with stretches up and over to each side is next. You'll then repeat this to the left side. (the left side has some additional moves added to the deep plie sequence) Childs pose. Next you'll move into a lunge and the lunge turns into a deep hamstring stretch. You'll then progress into a full split (very tough). Repeat to the left. Dolphin pose and plank follow. Sphynx pose then up into a plank-perform as a flow several times then move into childs pose. Sit up on knees, hand to belly. Rock backward and forward then move into camel. Come to lie on your back, knees open, base of feet are together, toes on ground, heels up slightly. Perform a curl, lifting upper and lower body together. Now legs are straight in air, then you'll bend one leg and twist the opposite leg to opposite side of the body. Flowing bridge follows. After the bridge work you'll move into plow then go into seated forward bend. Right ankle over left, lying on back, you'll twist holding the top leg to opposite side. Then you'll stretch that leg and move into 1/2 happy baby pose. Repeat to other side. Plow once again. Move into shoulder stand. Fish pose opens the front body. Release down into final relaxation.

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