Mellow Flow Yoga

Janet Stone
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Yoga

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Providing a unique visual backdrop for the practice (the floor is wet and they are surrounded by rocks giving it an element of water), this makes the setting different from anything I've ever seen on video.

Janet begins seated with a deep breathing meditation to help set your intentions for your practice. Next you'll raise your arms and perform a nice seated forward fold. You'll walk it out to the right and then to the left side. Following you'll perform a reverse plank, gently rising the hips off floor. Next you'll come into a deep yogi squat (providing a wonderful stretch for the inner thighs, groin and hips). You'll then interlace fingers behind your back and rise up into forward bend--you'll keep repeating this sequence in a flow, maybe adding an additional reach to the left or right. Mellow Flow is an appropriate name as this flow is fluid, sensual. A sunflower sequence follows. Down dog into childs pose. Janet takes you through a round & release with childs pose then moves into up dog. Repeat several times. Next, on hands and knees, you'll bring on knee in and then reach it all the way back, then add in the opposite arm. Down dog into plank, repeating several times. Excellent instruction throughout. Chair pose follows performed with a wonderful chest expansion. Forward fold, swinging side to side. Walk forward to down dog, plank, cobra--performing this in a flowing vinyasa sequence. Down dog with right leg high in air, bring leg into chest, right knee then opens to the side (great hip opener) and now bring the right leg through to a deep lunge position. You'll perform a nice side body bend while maintaining the lunge. (repeating several times) Next you'll reach back, grabbing the left foot and perform a pushup while holding the left foot with opposite hand. Following you'll move into triangle pose (this naturally progresses into this). 1/2 moon follows. Wide forward standing bend is next. Temple pose (deep plie) follows with interwined arms for an added stretch to the shoulder area. Now step back to down dog, plank and cobra, flowing through this twice. You will now perform a dolphin pose and then dolphin plank. Sphynx pose follows. Extended child pose with arms in prayer pose held above the head. Now Janet begins to run through left side. Once finished you'll sit and begin with a nice forward fold. A deep butterfly stretch follows. Next you'll open the legs wide into a deep V position, all while remaining balanced on your seat bones. Down dog and then you'll wrap one leg over the other with knees bent and perform another forward bend. Next, remaining in this position, you'll perform a gentle twist and then do a counter twist. Following you'll pull the top leg up and put the foot in the crease of the opposite elbow (cradling it) for an outer glute/hip stretch. Move into down dog. Hands and knees again and then repeat the stretch/twist segment to the opposite side. Janet concludes the workout with happy baby pose into shavasana.

Wonderful practice, intoxicating! All fitness levels will enjoy this to tone and define their bodies and relax and calm their spirits.

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