Red Mountain Spa Full Circle Toning

Michelle Palmer
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Balance/Medicine/Mini/Stability Ball

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This will be a short review for a short video! This is a nice but concentrated ball workout that covers the upper, mid and lower body muscles. The setting is beautiful and relaxing (it was filmed outdoors at the Red Mountain Spa in Utah) and the instructor is clear in her direction. She is friendly and pleasant to follow. Although I enjoyed this workout, the instructor only does 6-10 reps per exercise before moving onto another body part. There are 2 background exercisers, one demonstrating the beginner moves and the other displaying the advanced adaptations. Michelle Palmer, lead instructor, covers the intermediate level.

The biggest problem with this video is that it is only 26 minutes. It makes for a nice addition to your workout, but it left me wanting more. At $19.95, I felt it was an expensive teaser and that it should be longer.

Janet O'Neil