Maya Yoga Vinyasa Fusion-Core Strength Flow Series

Nicki Doane
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Yoga

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Filmed on the beautiful island of Maui, the workout provides a visually stimulating setting. (all 3 workouts on each dvd were filmed individually with different settings of the island so you won't get bored) Nicki instructs the workouts alone and performs it using voiceover. During the practice there is no music. I felt this allowed me to really listen to Nicki's instruction and to go deeper in some of the moves. The workouts are for all practioners. Each of the three sequences seemed to get progressively harder. Nicki would add a few additional poses to the initial sequence, sometimes including balancing poses or more advanced poses such as full wheel. As in all of Nicki's Maya Yoga series, beginners may want to start with the 20 minute workout, practice it and once they feel comfortable move onto the 30 minute sequence. Once that has been mastered, the 45 minute routine provides a much more challenging experience.

In the 20 minute section you'll develop abdominal strength and refine the entire core area. Beginning in childs pose you'll then move onto all fours and gently flow into down dog. Step forward into a forward fold and then move into standing. Sun salutation sequence follow. You'll move slowly through the flow allowing you to really focus on the movements. Great guidance and alignment tips throughout allow for a safer practice. Standing poses include triangle, one leg/arm balance, warrior II, and extended lateral angled pose. One arm side plank really works the core (and works your balance). Vinyasa flow between poses keeps the heart rate up (burning extra calories). Next you'll move to seated, bend one leg up and over the arm and using the strength of the midsection, you'll straighten the opposite leg and lift your body off the ground. (this pose is difficult and may take a few tries to master, even for advanced practioners) Nicki then takes it to a nice seated hip stretch, alternating crossed legs forward. Butterfly stretch follows. Cow face hip stretch to each side while lying on your back is next. Final resting pose concludes this sequence.

In the 30 minute practice, Nicki includes some unique abdominal toning exercises. A few additional hip openers are also included. The 40 minute session includes a few additional standing poses including a nice twist and a standing forward fold which really stretches the hamstring nicely. You'll also perform more advanced poses such as crow.

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