Hit The Spot Core Complete

Denise Austin
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Balance/Medicine/Mini/Stability Ball, Total Body Workouts

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This is a unique core + targeted toning workout done on a stability ball. You will need various dumbbells and a stability ball for this workout. Denise works out in a nice open hardwood & window type room with a few background exercisers. The total running time on the dvd is 70 minutes but the 19 minute core complete challenge is a premix from the other sections. The dvd is customizable so you can mix and match.

There are 5 seperate segments on this dvd: warmup, core & upper body, core & legs, core & buns, and core complete challenge. Each section contains core work and body part specific strength moves using the ball. There are also some moves on the floor and a bit of cardio interspersed in some segments. Each segment has a brief brief stretch/cooldown (2 min or so).

Warmup: 5 minutes

Upper body & core: 15 min, chest work on the ball using dumbbells, shoulder work, biceps and core work

Legs & core: 15 min, quad work-leg extensions while sitting on the ball, hip lifts, etc. and core work.

Buns & core: 15 min, curtsey dips with dumbbells, donkey kicks, etc. and core work.

Core Complete Challenge: 19 min, uses a few minutes from each of the UB, LB, and buns segements.

I like this workout though its not super challenging. I like it because I think the format is unique and I dont have a lot of ball workouts. I also like that she seperates body parts so you can easily use the sections as add ons to other split workouts or you can do the entire workout for a full body workout w/ a core emphasis.

I would rate this intermediate. Denise is toned down but is still Denise. I didnt notice any bad cueing but the moves are not hard to pick up on.