Shape Up With Sharon- Yoga/ Pilates

Sharon Mann
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength , Yoga

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This dvd had two (approximately) 20 minute workouts. The first one is 24 minutes of yoga and the second is 22 minutes of pilates using a theraband. The two workouts are strung together with a warump before the yoga workout and a cooldown after the pilates workuot. The dvd is chaptered though so you can EASILY break these up into 2 workouts- I always do. The segments are taken from Sharon Manns old TV show. Sharon works out with 4 background exercisers, each on their own raised platform. Two of the backgroun exercisers show more beginner modificaitons and two show more advanced modifcations. Sharon shows intermediate.

I like these workouts though I am no yoga or pilates pro by any stretch. Sharon moves at a good pace and has a very pleasant demeaner. She is more low key in these than her other cardio workouts which is appropriate for this type of workout IMO.

The yoga workout has a lot of up and down dog, some warrior, and other stretching type yoga moves. The pilates workout uses the band for stretching and to add resistance to the moves. It includes the 100 and some other core work along with some other pilates moves.

I would rate this as an intermediate workout and it works well for me-more on the beginner side of pilates & yoga.