Spinervals Competition 12.0 - Recharge

Troy Jacobson
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Indoor Cycling

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Warm up 5 minutes
3x30 BG/15 30 seconds rest
2 minutes off
5x3 minutes BG/23 to BG/19, SG/15, SG/23 1 minute rest
2 minutes off
5x1 minutes assorted gears high cadance 30 seconds rest
2 minutes off
3x30 seconds SR/15 10 second cadance steps 30 seconds rest
Cool down

44 minutes

This is a recovery workout and does it's job very well. There is no hard work, no one legged drills nothing to make you tired. The goal of this video is active recovery. This workout must be done below the aerobic threshold.

All the participants are athletes and in good shape. The guy front and center is a crazy overachiever and is putting out good power and high cadance with what appears to be no work whatsoever. I had to work to ignore him and not get my competative juices going.

The workout does it's job well. I was able to get a good sweat in and quality seat time. I wasn't able to hold the high cadance sessions due to fatigue from a previous day's workout, but I did keep myself dialed back to maintain the proper heart rate.

the music is better than the music in the first 9. At the begining it is actually tolerable and doesn't make me wince. Once the sets start it turns into some up-beat countryish deal. It's bad, but it fits well with the work that is being done.

Instructor Comments:
Try is actually pretty quiet in this videos. He is often walking around with his hands in his pockets like a teacher unsure about how to go ahead and teach his pupils.