Spinervals Competition 24.0 - HILLacious

Troy Jacobson
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Indoor Cycling

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Warm up
3x 30seconds on, 30 off BG/15
1 minute rest
2x 8 minutes BG/14 4 minutes off
4 minutes rest
4x 3 minutes Rolling hills BG/21 start down to BG/12 and back repeatedly, 2 minutes off
2 minutes rest
4x 30 seconds seated, 10 seconds standing BG/12, 1 minute rest
~4 minute cool down

1:02:30 long

The set is outdoors on the roof of the Maryland Science Center just off of Baltimore's harbor. The scenery is quite good and a nice change from the indoor sets. The participants includes athletes and a few people from the Big Harvest Bread Company, including the CEO. Some of them are quite fit, others are a bit soft.

This is an OK workout. I use it when I want to do a tempo workout, but I don't have the gusto to do Spinervals Competition 14.0. I still get a good workout, but it's not the same exhastive video that 14.0 is. It's also only a little over an hour long.

The music is among the best of the Spinervals that I use (1-25). Like the other spinervals, the music has a good beat that's condusive to the pedaling cadance and effort. Some of the music is the same as what's used in Spinervals Competition 25.0 and presumably some other videos.

Instructor Comments:
Troy is still corny, but less so in this video. I don't notice him putting his hands in his pockets like he has done in some of this other videos.