CosmoGirl Get Fit and Fab

Jillian Michaels
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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this workout lasts 30 minutes. although the label says 78 min run time, it includes fitness and nutrition tips and an interview with jillian.

i would rate the dance choreography as intermediate. jillian is a cast member and doesn't do any of the dance instruction. instead, 3 (?) of the girls take turns leading a segment. the segment is done piece by piece and gets added to the other moves you just learned to make one complete segment. i wouldn't call it TIFTTing...more like adding every little piece to the whole.

doing it piece by piece breaks the flow of the dancing. also, they don't necessarily name each little move to that they can verbally cue you as you learn the moves. it's not difficult, so it wasn't a deal-breaker for me.

the moves were different and creative. i'd characterize the style as hip-hop/street dancing. i've done many of the 10 minute solution dance workouts, paula abdul, so you think you can dance, lisa nunziella, and the firm's dance workouts. in comparison, this workout has creative moves in it and it wasn't too boring.

the girl cast members seemed to be older teenagers. they are not giggly or silly - i found them to be serious and willing to go thru each of the parts in detail. i didn't think jillian bugged them. she didn't correct any of them - instead, she was the student and a cooperative one at that.

i didn't wear my HRM - i'll try to do that the next time i do this workout. i got it from Ross Stores for $4.99.

Instructor Comments:
jillian was the participant and the girls led a segment. jillian didn't correct any of the cast members - instead she was the participant and would add comments here and there about the moves. the girls who led the segments were good and professional. cueing could have been better if they named the moves, but i continued with the workout since the moves weren't too hard.