SWAT Workout: Ultimate Body Definition Reviews

Commander Tom Stroup
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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This is a 35 minute all strength workout. Tom (an actual SWAT team commander) leads with a bunch of super fit "pretty" ladies working out with him. This dvd has an added warmup and cooldown that the TV release didnt. Tom and group only uses one set of LIGHT dumbbells but I would recommend a variety. There are police vehicles and traffic barricades in the background. There is aslo a 10 minute mostly cardio bonus workout on the dvd. Its basically an abbreviated version of the SWAT Fat Burning Workout.

The workout is not as well rounded as I would have hoped. There are lots of pushups and bicycle crunches-though I didnt feel it my abs by the end of the workout. There is more upper body than lower body work in this dvd and he only does one move for the back and its combined with a tricep kickback so the poundage didnt do much for my back muscles.

The warmup is not cardio-they are using dumbbells doing some of the same moves that are in the main workout. I just used my light dumbbells and went with it. Some of the exercises include: bicep curls & variation, overhead press, tricep kickbacks, overhead tricep extensions, lat raises, pushups, bicycle crunches. The only lower body work is: 2 sets of squats w/ tempo variation and 2 sets of lunges on each side with tempo variation.

This workout is hard to rate-I would say low intermediate. I heavied up as much as possible and did feel my muscles being worked. I wouldnt go w/ the 5 lbers Tom & group are using-I wouldnt have felt a thing. He does go pretty fast on a lot of the move so I did slow my pace a bit to accomidate my heavier dumbbells. This is a good workout but not one I see myself reaching for often. For me, it just didnt have anything special about it. I will probably keep the dvd though because I like the bonus 10 minute cardio portion on it.