The Firm: Dangerous Curves Ahead

Alison Davis
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Abs/Core , Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Lower Body Strength , Total Body Workouts, Upper Body Strength

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This is a 57 minute workout led by Alison with 4 background exercisers. Emily shows the beginner modifications. The set is the dark blueish tile looking floor with white brick walls and windows in the background. The dvd comes with a bright green resistance band. You will need a resistance band and some dumbbells for this workout.

The band that comes w/ the dvd is heavy resistance and the one they use in the dvd is yellow and much lighter resistance. Some were bothered by this, but personally I am happy with the band that came with it as it makes the workout more challenging.

The dvd also has three 26-34 minute premixes on it: all cardio, all strength and core cardio. I love that the Firm has begun adding premixes and that there are 3 options. I love the core cardio mix on this dvd. For this dvd in particular Im glad the express options are here because I find the strength work lacking in fun factor and effectiveness. I have actually only done the full workout once but have used the cardio & core cardio premixes countless times.

I love love love the cardio work in this dvd. Its much tougher than most of the cardio in the newer "pink" Firms. Alison throws in some unique moves like a bowling move, jumping jack variations, lots of hops and high impact, and some moguls. The cardio really gets my heartrate up.

She also works the core in some of the cardio stuff so the core work is interspersed throughout the workout. Her core work in this is fun and different and a lot of it is done standing. She also does some supermans to hit the lower back, some side planks, and even some rocking planks in the warmup.

Like I said, the strength work is weak. Even with the strong band I just dont feel anything and its kindof boring to me. She does shoulder raises, pliets, etc.

I would rate this high intermediate for the cardio and low intermediate for the strength work.

Instructor Comments:
Alison cues pretty well in this one though she is "off" just a bit in a few segments. I like her as a lead and she definately throws in some unique but uncomplicated choreo in this one.