The Firm: Get Chisel'd

Rebekah Sturkie
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Total Body Workouts

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Rebekah leads this 40 minute mostly sculpting workout. There are 4 background exercisers one of which shows beginner modificaitons. Though you cant always see her with the camera angles. The workout is done in an open room with scenic windows, hardwood floors, and multicolored walls. You will need a variety of dumbbells for this workout. The dvd also has a 15 min mostly cardio bonus workout on it that features Rebekah working out alone.

Like I said, this workout is mostly sculpting but between the strength "progressions" (as she calls them) Rebekah throws in some short (maybe 1 minute) power cardio bursts! They can really get your heartrate up. She goes between all out power moves and then back to the basic a few times. If you want to keep your heartrate up just I just keep doing the power moves the whole time.

A lot of the sculpting moves are compound moves but she pairs them appropriately so the poundage fits both exercises-for example a diagonal lunge with a back row (both heavy weights). Some moves include: deadlift + toe tap balance move, pliet with a row and a glute lift, bicep curl variations, dips, lunges, pushups with a shoulder tap, crunches with a pec fly, and the like.

The power burst moves include: high knees, squat thrusts with a shoulder tap while youre down, hopping lunges, etc. She goes back and forth between high & med intensity on these but like I said if you really want to kick it up a notch you can do the power move the whole time.

I really really like this workout and the 15 minute add on. My muscles felt pretty evenly worked and it was a great calorie burner for a 40 min sculpting workout. Rebekah is a great lead and her cueing is spot on. There are NO dancy or complicated moves in this one at all.



This is a standalone Pink Firm workout led by Rebekah Sturkie, a primarily strength/toning workout clocking in at just over 40 minutes. Equipment needed is light through moderate dumbbells (Rebekah used the pink cardio weight bells, which I believe are 3-8 pounds). She works out with four background instructors (I recognized Stephanie Vitorino) one of them providing beginner modifications, keeping things low impact and not using weights. This is filmed in the cheerful white setting with pink and green stripes on the walls (not distracting) and a (possibly fake) window in the background giving it a sunny appearance. Each rotation (more on that below) has its own tune, and I liked the music. It was very similar to what was used in Firm Dangerous Curves Ahead, maybe described as a pop mix.

While this is like an AWT workout, it has a completely different format than other Firms, in that it doesn’t have distinct strength and cardio sections. Instead it has a basic strength section (generally an isolated lower body move followed by an isolated upper body move), then escalates to a combination upper/lower move using the same exercises, and finally progresses to a quick, high intensity cardio move which works the same muscles. Then start again with a new set of basic, combination, and high intensity cardio exercises. There are about 4-5 rotations altogether, followed by floor work. This workout design quickly gets the heart rate up and keeps it up for the length of the workout (prior to the floor work). It is really intense, and my muscles tire quickly, because Rebekah works the same muscles over and over through a rotation. The format also makes the workout move very quickly – you are constantly changing things up – no room for boredom here!

For the lower body isolation work I used between 8-12# weights (moves included dead lifts, plie squats, squats, diagonal lunges-I subbed curtsey lunges, and a deep backwards lunge touching weights to floor). I went lighter on the upper body and combination work (about 5-8#) especially because she included some multi-planar work like a “windmill” move in which you extend a lateral shoulder raise all the way over your head and back down, in a circular motion around your body (like you’re doing snow angels).

Isolated upper body moves included the windmill, front and side biceps curls, scooping arms (works biceps/shoulders/back), and back rows. Combination work included side lunges with triceps kickbacks; deadlift with opposite leg kickback and back rows while balancing on one foot; rotating plie squats with torso rotation and rhomboid pinches and upright rows (the rotation was funny for my knees so I kept to a regular plie squat), diagonal lunge with the scooping arms (a little tricky to maneuver).

The cardio progressions mostly mimicked the strength work (Rebekah often said “remember this move because we’ll go back to it later”) and included plyo lunges, skaters, plyo jacks (I did regular jacks), squat thrusts, and high impact high knees. So basically a LOT of very high impact moves. The beginner modifier does demonstrate low impact moves however, which Rebekah starts with before she goes to high impact.

Floor work included chest flies with bicycle, bench press with leg pike, and overhead press with lower and upper crunch. There’s also a side plank move with a side shoulder raise. Short stretch at the end. The warm up at the beginning was about 5 minutes long and included the standard side touches, kicks, punches, and arm reaches (and was easy to follow).

I have not tried the 15 minute add on, in fact I completely forgot about it! So, cannot speak on that add-on. Unfortunately, I do know that it had to be played separately and cannot be programmed to play before/after the main workout.

Collage Video rates this is as an intermediate workout but I’d argue it is intermediate-low advanced depending on poundage used and how much you put into it. With the heavy plyometric work and the fast moving strength moves, it is just really challenging and quickly fatigues the muscles. I wouldn’t really say it has a high fun factor but it definitely gets the job done and I feel like I worked hard in the 40 minutes I dedicated to my exercise. Unlike some other shorter workouts, I don’t feel the need to “even out the hour” with ab or cardio add-ons – Get Chisel’d pretty much gets it all done in one sweep. This is definitely one of the most challenging Pink Firms to date and was very well done. Grade A.

Instructor Comments:
Rebekah is a good lead, cues well, and is encouraging but not too chatty. She gets very out of breath in this one but it was determined she was pregnant at the time, and it certainly doesn’t bother me that you could see her exerting herself anyway! She did like to repeat the sayings “don’t worry, we feel it too!” and “do you feel it now?” which sort of annoyed me after the second or third time, but wasn’t distracting enough to matter. Sometimes she didn’t really say which leg was leading or whether the lunges/dips alternated or stayed on one side, but overall I didn’t get lost with her cuing, and I’d say she is a good instructor – I’d get her workouts again.

Emily B.