One On One: Volume 2 #3 - Patience Hummingbird

Tony Horton
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Yoga

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This One On One workout is Volume 2, Disc 3

Workout time: 35 minutes

3 ohms
Breathing in mountain pose
Forward fold, wide leg forward fold, take one arm up and twist
Squat and take both arms forward
Tripod stretch
Forward fold, plank, down dog, walk the dog
Plank, hold at the bottom, up dog, down dog
3 legged dog, runners stretch, crescent, repeat other side
Vinyasa, warrior 1 both sides, vinyasa, chair, vinyasa
Warrior 2 both sides, vinyasa
Reverse warrior, triangle, half moon, repeat other side
Vinyasa, cat-cow, balancing table, puppy dog
Side plank, forward fold, mountain pose
Janu sirsasana
Bridge, lying spinal twist, savasana

I believe this practice was originally just called Patience, but Tony sees a hummingbird outside the window and points it out to Mason, who moves the camera in that direction. This is actually a very nice practice.

Instructor Comments:
Tony is more subdued than usual in this one, but then he usually is when doing yoga.