One On One: Volume 2 #8 - Iso Abs

Tony Horton
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Abs/Core

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This One On One workout is Volume 2, Disc 8.

There are ten moves, each done for 12 reps. All ten moves are repeated for a second round. Most of these moves are familiar, taken from Ab Ripper X or another One On One workout, but they are done slowly with isometric holds to challenge the core.

Time: 37:22

1. Banana/Boat

2. Tick Tock (Lying on back and taking straight legs down side to side)

3. Super Scissors (Super simply because the upper body is raised off the ground and the move is done more slowly than usual)

4. The Gate (Lying on back, legs open and close)

5. Oblique crunch

6. Oblique crunch other side

7. The Drawbridge (Lying on back, legs go up and down)

8. Big bike (Instead of bringing the leg in with bent knee, the leg comes up straight)

9. Palin twist (Seated with arms crossed across the chest, lean back and then twist side to side)

10. Monster (Lying on back, take legs to the side like tick tock but then swing them down and around to the other side before bringing them back up)

Repeat all 10 exercises