3 Week Bootcamp

Denise Austin
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Total Body Workouts

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This dvd has two 20ish minute workouts and a bonus 7 minute ab workout. Denise works out with 4 young female background exercisers in an open room with hardwood floors and gray pillars on a purple background.

The first workout "Cardio & Strength Intervals" Is just that-short cardio intervals interspersed with short toning intervals. During the cardio work she does level one (easiest), level 2, then level 3 (most challenging) progressively so you can choose which level is right for you and stick with it to make your workout more or less challenging. The cardio includes: cross country skiing, mock jumproping, high knees, etc. The strength work is fairly straight forward and includes lat rows, a bicep - side lift combo, pushups, sip & twist combo, planks w/ twist, etc. She only uses 1 set of dumbbells but I used multiple depending on which move I was doing. The bicep-side lift move was not ideal because I can use a much heavier weight for biceps than the side raise. She does keep the feet moving during the strength work so you can keep your heartrate up a bit. The workout is 18 minutes plus a 2 minute cooldown. I would rate this portion as low intermediate done as is.

The second workout is "Athletic Training" and features kettlebell inspired moves like a one arm swing into a high pull, windmill, swing. She does some moves that are not necessarily kettlebell inspired (I dont use kettlebells so Im not sure) pliets, a kick series holding a dumbbell, a 1-legged deadlift series, spider pushups, V sit ab work, a kayak type core move, lower back spinal work, etc. You hold onto your dumbell or kettlebell for the majority of the workout. The body of the workout is 20 minutes with a 2 minute cooldown. While this portion has no cardio only moves-it definately kept my heartrate up. I used varying sets of dumbbells on this one too. I would rate this portion as high intermediate and again, its easy to modify up or down.

"Ab Fat Blaster" is the bonus 7 minute ab workout. She uses dumbbells for some of the moves and its not your usual ab routine. She does a turkish getup variation and some plank work. I enjoyed this section and would rate it a solid intermediate.

Instructor Comments:
Denise is Denise-I dont expect an advanced workout from her. Nor do I expect stellar cueing from her, but surprisingly her cueing was very good in the workout.