The Firm: Body Sculpting System 4 (BSS4)

Allie Del Rio, Pam Meriwether, Stephanie Huckabee
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Step Aerobics , Total Body Workouts

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This set came with the TransFirmer-TF, the replacement for the previous Firm (death) Box and 3 dvds. The TF is an AWESOME piece of equipment! It can be used as a 6 or 8 inch aerobic step, in the incline position for aerobics or as a weight bench, and as a 14 inch muscle shaping step up box. I use the TF with all the BSS3 w/o's in place of the deathbox.

The set is bright and open and there are always 4 background instructors working out behind the lead. One of them provides the beginner modificaitons.

The dvds are: Aerobic Body Shaping by Allie Del Rio. A 56 minute AWT (aerobic weight training) workout that will leave your muscles thoroughly worked and you will burn a lot of calories during the cardio segments. There is also a short 8 minute lower body workout on this dvd that Alie leads.

Supercharged Sculpting by Pam Cauthen Meriwether. Is a short but very efficient 40 min strength workout. Pam is an excellent lead! There is no cardio only segments but you will def burn some calories during the weight work-as is Firm style. There is also a bonus 12 minute stretch w/o on this dvd that (I think) Pam also leads.

Ultimate Calorie Blaster by Stephanie Huckabee is a very fun 48 minute cardio workout. She does floor, step, and incline step aerobics and some light 4 limb and unweighted tall box work. There is a bonus 8 min ab w/o on the dvd led by Alison.

I rate this system solid intermediate but with any Firms you can modify up or down to fit your needs. I LOVE this set and the add-ons (Jiggle Free Buns, Arms, and Abs) that were made for it. The TF is a wonderful and very useful piece of eqiupment and the dvds rock!