The Firm: Body Sculpting System 3 (BSS3)

Lisa Kay, Christa Riley, Stephanie Huckabee
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Step Aerobics , Total Body Workouts

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This set comes with the Firm box and three dvds. The background is white and each exerciser is on a little round platform. The background has a Firm sign and the colors on the pedestals and Firm sign change, though its not noticeable or distracting. There are 5 participants in each dvd and always a beginner modifier-though on this set you cant always see her.

This is a good set of workouts with a few caveats: the Firm Box (no longer avaiblabe new) was a good idea but a piece of junk. Its a box that can be used as a 6 inch aerobic step, a 14 inch muscle shaping step, and on an incline for aerobic and strength moves. Unfortunately It was cheaply made and not stable therefore earning the name deathbox. BUT the simple fix is to just use the Firms TransFirmer (TF) that came out next with these dvds. The TF is a bit more versatile anyways because it also has an 8" step, which I like to use for step aerobics.

My other complaint is that sometimes in this series they turn their steps to the side making it difficult to follow along to. I keep my step facing the front so at least I can see them better and stay on focus.

The dvds are: Complete Body Sculpting (Christa), Fat Blasting Cardio (Lisa), and Total Muscle Shaping (Stephanie). Complete Mus. Sh. is a 50ish mostly strength AWT workout. Fat Blasting Cardio is a 30 minute cardio only workout and Total Mus Sh. is a 48ish minute mostly strength AWT workout.