Power Walk With Friends

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Walking Aerobics

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This is a 30-minute “walking” style cardio workout, or the equivalent of two miles in Leslie parlance. Most of the walk incorporates soft hand weights for extra upper body work.

Leslie is in her studio (also known as the Bat Cave for its dark cavernous interior) where virtually all of her videos for the last several years have been shot. In this workout we are faced towards the corner windows so we see trees and grass outside and we can watch the traffic whiz by (whee!). The music is a mix of familiar and some fun new tunes (luckily there is no “Everybody” song!). No “music only” option, but the music volume is good and well-balanced with Leslie's voice. The miles are chaptered, but there is no on-screen countdown clock.

Leslie walks with seven cast members, and because I prefer Leslie with a group this is one of the main reasons I purchased this DVD. However, the DVD cover is misleading. On the cover Leslie is pictured with long-time walkers Mary Kay, Linda and Jo, and I assumed they would be the “Friends” in this workout. I’ve been walking with Leslie for many years and I was thinking it will be fun to have the old gang together! However, the only veteran walker present is Carol, with the other cast members being new (or relatively new) faces. Not a big deal, and the walkers actually present seem like a pleasant bunch, but still a little deceptive.

Leslie incorporates her pink (2 lb. each) and black (1 lb. each) soft hand/wrist weights for most of the walk. Leslie wears both sets for a total of three pounds on each hand. The cast uses three-, two-, or one-pound combos for each hand, and a couple of walkers use no weights at all. With the weights Leslie does traditional weight training moves like biceps curls, overhead presses and triceps extensions, but she also sometimes just holds the weights out in front and away from the body, which really engages the core. After the first mile Leslie puts away the weights for a few minutes, and during this time uses faster arm movements. The overall pace of the walk is pretty brisk, but there is no "boosted walking" (jogging) segments.

As I said, I like Leslie with a group, because to me the workout atmosphere is more fun. Leslie is definitely less serious here than she is when she leads workouts by herself, but she’s not over-the-top silly, either (no kicking cameramen, no apples!).

The DVD cover indicates this is a 2010 workout, but in the DVD credits it is listed as 2009. As of the date of this review, Power Walk With Friends is only available through Leslie’s website. It was previously offered as a bonus workout with Leslie’s Burn Body Fat 3-DVD set (which miffed some VFers – like me! -- who bought this package before Power Walk was added to it). I understand it was also previously available to her Walk Club members as a free streaming workout.

Bottom line: I actually like this workout a lot, and I think other Leslie fans will enjoy it. However, there are lots of other Leslie workouts out there with more material and/or which are readily available from other vendors, usually at a better price. If you are a regular Leslie fan you will like this one, but if you are waiting for her to put out something different, save your money.

Instructor Comments:
See above. Leslie is more playful here than when she’s leading solo, but she’s not over-the-top silly either.