The Firm: Hardcore Fusion

Allie Del Rio
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Total Body Workouts

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This is a good AWT (Aerobic Weight Training) w/o. It is very Firm-esque and has IMO equal cardio and strength segments. The full version clocks in at 60 min and the express version is about 40 minutes. HCF was originally released with the TransFirmation system (BSS5) with the cardioweights, but is now available separately. This workout provides enough strength work to be used on a strength day. But there is also enough cardio in it to really work you.

Allie looks FANTASTIC in this one! She does have some babytalk moments-that might annoy some, but they are tolerable. Alison provides the beginner modifications and there are 3 other background exercisers-Rebecca and 2 non Firm ladies. The set is hardwood floor with white brick walls and foggy windows.

All the cardio is done on the floor (no box) and includes some kickboxing-cross punch, upper cuts, etc. Some "old school aerobics" hamstring curls-nothing too dancy. Her cuieng is good and the moves aren’t tricky so you shouldn’t have a hard time following along if you are familiar with the Firm.

Strength moves include a lot of compound moves such as side lunge with bicep curls, squat with overhead press, lunge with a twist. I like that there is some standing ab work interspersed into the strength and cardio moves.

The Firm introduced their "power press" moves in this series and you will see the "triceps tummy toners' in this one. Basically a crunch with a bench press into an overhead triceps extension. I think they used the power press moves as a replacement for the old Firm signature move-the leg press.

You can easily modify this one up or down to fit your needs. I added a lot of plyos and really heavied up and got a great workout! As is I would rate this as a solid intermediate w/o.

Instructor Comments:
good cueing as always. Babytalk is a bit much but tolerable.