Brazil Butt Lift - Tummy Tuck

Leandro Carvalho
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Abs/Core

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A 20-minute abs workout to supplement a Brazil Butt Lift rotation or to do on its own. This workout is mostly variations on crunches - upper body, lower body, obliques - plus a plank series at the end. No one move is endlessly rep'd to death, thank goodness, and as a whole it's a good core/abs tightener, especially the planks which move from hands to forearms to side planks. After all the lying abs work in the first part of the workout, the plank section really tests your stamina. The workout ends with back extensions, upper body only lifting, then a short series of cat-cow stretches and a quick camel (abs/shoulder-opening) pose.

The set is an indoor studio with mostly female exercisers and two guys. Leandro walks around and gives form tips during the workout; he does not do the exercises himself. The music is background/for entertainment only and is never in step with the moves or the rep count. Ignore it.

Instructor Comments:
Leandro's instructions are fairly clear, though I angle my mat so I can see the TV while I'm doing this workout. His sequencing/cadence is, as always, a little off - he counts "onetwo...three..........four" or "" quite a lot, so you have to choose your own pace and not rely on him to keep you steady. But his enthusiasm carries the workout.



I had put off doing this workout for awhile because abs-focused workouts are usually not my favorite, but was surprised at how much I love this workout. Leandro fits a lot into just 20 minutes, and I like adding this on to Bum Bum or High&Tight to get a lot in less than 60 minutes. I especially like the series for the lower abs, my problem zone. The workout is very crunch-focused, with a short but tough set of planks towards the end: If you hate crunches this may not be the workout for you (I'm usually not crazy about crunches, but I like them here).

As with most of the BBL workouts, I don't care for the music and usually choose the "music lower" option. You can play your own music with the workout, that way.

Instructor Comments:
Leandro is his usual self--he has some slightly goofy moments, but he really knows his stuff and works you over pretty good.