Brazil Butt Lift - Bum Bum

Leandro Carvalho
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Lower Body Strength

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Leandro introduces this as his signature workout and calls it dance, but it's not - it's more cardio drills with lower-body toning? Or lower body drills with a cardio effect? In any event, it's fast paced, never boring and as hard as you want to make it. It's not drills in the bootcamp sense - much more fun with smoother transitions between moves.

The other reviewers have given a great breakdown of the workout. I will add that the optional/Level 2 (harder) moves really increase the intensity of the workout. I'm always dripping with sweat at the end, even if I stay all Level 1 (basic move). The capoeira deep lunges and squats at the end are KILLER, no matter what shape you're in.

The music is close to matching the moves in this workout, more so than in some of the other Brazil Butt Lift series, but not usually bang-on beat. When the camera switches between the indoor studio exercisers and the beach exercisers, the two groups are rarely in perfect sync, so follow the studio-workout sequencing.

A GREAT, fun workout. The backgrounders are having a great time and are fun to watch.

Instructor Comments:
Leandro is fun, a little goofy, and seems to be having a blast with the workout. His cueing isn't the greatest - "Follow me!" isn't a cue - but this workout isn't tough choreographically so at most you'll miss one rep while you catch up with what he's doing. He also sometimes misleads you when he says "three more" and you're in the middle of a rep - sometimes that rep is #3 and counting, sometimes it's #4 and counting. But I, slow learner, caught on after doing this workout a couple of times. I like his accent, especially when he starts out with "Theezz the Boom Boom Workout!"



Bum Bum is supposedly the "signature" workout in the Brazil Butt Lift set. Although classified here as "lower body strength," Leandro actually calls this a dance workout. Bum Bum didn't feel very dancey to me, but IT did feel like an unweighted strength training workout with a cardio effect.

In this workout, Leandro and his six female background exercisers are working out in a small, bright indoor studio with windows and wood floors; however, the cameras alternately shift to an outdoor beach scene. I found Leandro's cuing to be easy-to-follow; rather than mirror cue per se, he has a tendency to say "this leg" (similar to Leslie Sansone). As with other Beach Body workouts, the times for each segment and names of the exercises appear on screen.

Leandro begins with a brief (1.5 minute) warm-up of wide-legged plie squats; this move transitions into a passe and then adds a rear lift (arabesque). This is followed by a rear lunge with front kick. Next comes one of the signature moves, the "Walking Ipanema." This is basically just a rear lunge moving into a front lunge, but you are exaggerating the move but lifting your knee up high and coming down on the heel first, then bringing your foot all the way to the floor.

The next series begins with squat/side touch and moves into a squat/lunge combination. This is followed by a squat knee lift and then a squat hold with rotation. A squat to the rear moves into cocorinhas, which involves putting each hand down on the floor behind you in turn (so that you come into a sort of face-up crab) and then getting right back up again--I could not do this! Squats moving into burpees finish up the squat sequence.

Moving on to lunges, Leandro starts with front lunges, picking up the pace into an optional jumping scissor lunge. Next comes alternating side-to-side taps moving into side kicks. You then travel side-to-side on tiptoes (a.k.a. "high heels") before moving into the Afro Brazilian Lunge, a bouncy lunge side-to-side. Next comes knee pulls, with skater leaps between the two sides.

Leandro then adds a bit of fun with "shake your booty" (similar to football runs), spicing things up even further by having you "play the drums" with your hands. From here, he has you move forward and then take 4 frog jumps back, repeating several times. Next comes capoeira (deep alternating lunge back while touching the floor) and then the shake your booty is repeated, this time turning around (i.e., shaking your booty towards your TV).

With 5.5 minutes left, Leandro begins a cool-down stretch. He starts with a standing quad stretch, eventually bringing this into a more of a yoga dancer's stretch. Continuing with the same leg, he performs a standing hamstring stretch and a forward bend, then repeats all of the moves on the other side to finish, bringing the entire workout in at about 29.5 minutes.

I really enjoyed this workout. Although you are doing quite a few squats and lunges, because Leandro keeps you constantly moving, the moves feel fresh and varied. Bum Bum felt somewhat like a barre workout to me (probably because of the rear lifts and leg kicks), yet I definitely felt it in my glutes more than with any barre workout I've ever done! I also liked that there was a strong cardio effect to this workout (my heart rate monitor put me in my target zone for at least 23 minutes of this workout). Bum Bum is the only DVD that I have from the Brazil Butt Lift set, but it has definitely interested me in obtaining others!

Instructor Comments:
I found Leandro to be a bit goofy, and his heavy accent can be a little hard to understand at times, but overall, I didn't have any problems with him.

Beth C (aka toaster)


This is a breakdown of Bum Bum:

This whole workout is fast paced and you never stop moving, one move just transitions to the next right away. There is a modifier showing a low impact and/or less advanced version of most moves.

Warm up is about 2 minutes long and consists of plies with feet wide apart. There is some variation of tempo and pulses. Then, still in plie, you lift your heels for some reps and pulse.

Passe Kick Backs: Stand on one leg, lift the other foot to the knee and lift back. This move is like a slow attitude. Several reps then short pulses.

Front Kick w/ rear lunge.

Walking Ipanema: Basically this is a reverse lunge then rear leg transitions to front lunge. (Only one leg moves the whole time.

Passe Kick back otherside.
Front kick w/ lunge otherside.
Walking Ipanema otherside.

Squat Touch to left side, then add shoulder roll. This becomes squat knee up, then squat to side, knee-up, lunge back combo.

Squat/arabesque alternating sides.

Squat Touch to right side, then add shoulder roll. This becomes squat knee up, then squat to side, knee-up, lunge back combo.

Side lunge knee-up right side. This becomes Grab & Throw where you plant your feet, lunge to side then come up and rotate torso to left.

Curtsey lunge 4 each side x about 4 sets.

Side lunge, knee-up then Grab & Throw on left side.

Squat reach up. Several reps.

Cocorina (4 count squat: squat low then reach for heels or place hands on floor behind you then come up)

Squat reach up. Several reps.

Squat lunge back alternating sides which becomes Burbees w/ a jump.

Squat reach up. Several reps.

Paso Doble Lunge (alternating forward lunges becomes plyo lunges if you want)

Side to side taps, then add side kick to one side then becomes a squat side kick. Do this on the otherside.

High Heels (march in a plie with lifted heels) then travel side to side in this poistion.

Afro Brazilian lunge: lunge to side and pulse/bounce while moving arms, alternate sides back and forth.

Single side to side lunges with air.

Knee pulls then, leap side to side (skaters) then do otherside.

Shake your booty (football runs) becomes 4 Frog jumps forward (plyo squats) and then shake your booty back 4 steps. There are about 4 sets of these.

Capoeira - sit in low squat, lunge one foot back, bring it back then the other side. Several sets.

Side to side taps.

Shake your booty (football runs) in a circle.

Cooldown is about 5 minutes - all standing
Knee to chest stretch, quad/ hip flexor stretch, ankle crossed over knee stretch, forward bend stretch then other side.