The Firm: Rock Solid Abs

Allie Del Rio
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Abs/Core

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This is a 30 minute ab workout that uses the Firm Wave. The dvd also has a 22 minute express option. I would consider this an intermdiate level workout but a beginner could easily do it. It has a small amount of lower body work with the ab work and a few moves could provide a cardio benefit.

Allie Del Rio leads with 4 background exercisers, Emily doing the beginner modifications. It also uses a long stretchy resistance band for a few of the moves.

There is a warmup and then Allie goes through a series of standing, floor, and Wave ab moves. And is concluded with a cooldown stretch. Ab works includes:

Standing ab work (mostly) on the Wave: clock taps while standing on the Wave (you dip down a bit and tap your foot front/ back/ side), hinge w/ a glute extension, side lunge off the Wave with an ab twist, side bends (standing while holding the band), rocking on the Wave...

Lying ab work (mostly) on the Wave: oblique crunches lying over the Wave, crunches with and without the band, supermans over the Wave, a swimming move, Planks on the rocking side of the Wave, planks on the floor, and some ab work sitting on the Wave.

I like this ab workout but it is one that you have to concentrate and focus on what you are doing to get a good ab workout. It is not advanced but in 30 minutes, if you focus you WILL get a good ab workout.

With all the Wave workouts-the more I do them, the more I enjoy them and the more challenging they become. I was not totally thrilled with the Wave dvds at 1st but I am really enjoying them lately.

Instructor Comments:
Allie is a good lead and her cueing is good. She has toned down the babytalk in this set, but she still slips a few in. Not nearly as bad as the cardio weights w/o's though.