Pumping Rubber on the Ball

Melissa Walker
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Balance/Medicine/Mini/Stability Ball

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Here's the short review: I really like this video, but I doubt if most VFers would feel the same way!

Long Review:

Pumping Rubber on the Ball finally satisfies my need for a good upper body workout using tubing! However, it's kind of like the Firm- it requires additional equipment and set-up that many VFers may not have, plus the way it was filmed may drive some people nuts.

In order to do this workout, not only do you need a resistance ball, but you need resistance tubing AND a door anchor/ attachment for the tubing! I'm sure not many VFers have a door attachment - though it only costs a couple of dollars from Spri. Go to [url]www.spriproducts.com,[/url] and the door attachment is under the 'tubing attachments' category.

BUT- MORE IMPORTANT- in order to work along with this tape, it requires a convenient DOOR so that you can use the door anchor and tubing as shown and still see the TV! I bet not many of our VFers who work out in their Living Rooms or Family Rooms have a door near the TV! I'm lucky in that I'm in my workout room and that used to be a small bedroom. I have a closet door that I can use, though there were times when I had to look over my shoulder to see the TV.

The production is not high quality, though the picture and sound was clear for me. The set is just a white room with several gray and blue balls in the background, plus the instructor, Melissa Walker, is in black with white trim, so it is a very dull set. There is NO MUSIC- it is strictly Melissa instructing. I think she does a wonderful job of instructing and shows beautiful form. She was very easy to follow.

Another thing I want to mention- this is billed as a Total Body workout on the front of the video. It's NOT. It's strictly upper body exercises, plus you get core and back work from stabilizing on the ball. But there is NO leg work and no ab work. It's a great disservice to this workout to say it's Total Body because it is a very good Upper Body workout! (edit- I just noticed that it does say it is a Upper Body workout on the back, but the front is still very misleading!)

Breakdown of the workout:

There is NO warm-up, and no stretches. However, this should be a great add-on to a short cardio section, so I did not mind this. I did my own mini-warm-up. Mostly large arm and back movements since I'm currently hobbled by a sprained ankle.

Exercises done using the door attachment and door:

Upper and Mid Back Row
Lat Row that also hits the front delts
Rear Delt Press
Biceps Curls
One Arm shoulder pull with trunk twist
Open Arm Chest Flys
Bent Arm Chest Press
Triceps French Press

Exercises done sitting on the ball- no door:

Laid Back Biceps Curls (you are stretched out and laid back over the ball)
Upright Rows
Front Arm Raises
Medial Lateral Raises

Exercises done facing down on the ball, with your legs stretched out behind for balance, or with your knees bent, AND with the tubing UNDER the ball: (In order to do these exercises, you lift your arms out to the back, and which muscle you are exercising depends on your hand and arm position with the tubing. )

Rhomboid Press
Rear Delt Press
Triceps Extension.

There are no stretches at the end, but I feel that is easy to add in.

This is a very short tape- only about 25 minutes, but it really cooked my upper body. I mostly used the red tubing, but had to drop down to the green for the exercises where the tubing is under the ball. Next time I plan on rewinding and doing the entire workout through a second time.

Again, I really like this workout. However, I can see where a lot of VFers will be very unhappy with this. I'm lucky in that I already had everything needed to do the workout- including that all important convenient door! I am so happy to find a tubing workout that I like that I can ignore the bland set, no music, no warm-up or stretches.

Instructor Comments:
She has excellent form, a pleasant personality, and does a very good job of demenstrating the exercises.