Yogaworks for Everybody: Body Slim

Year Released: 2009

Categories: Abs/Core , Athletic Stretch , Upper Body Strength , Yoga

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Well, I'm not sure what I think about this video.

There is no music during workout that I can remember hearing, which doesn't bother me. The setting is a class group (2 men, 4 women, 1 instructor) in a pleasant, bright room.

~Begins with a core section (lying on back for a couple moves, then in upright cross-legged position to try and lift body off floor w/ arms)
~Most of the workout alternates b/t Cardio phases and Slow Burns (3 of each).
~Cool down/relaxation

Cardio Phase: Each one starts with a slower demo, then moves to do the flow 3 or 4 times quickly. Most of the cardio phases included some version of a Plank to chaturanga(sp?) to cobra/upward dog to down dog which moved pretty quickly. I consistently stayed 1-2 positions behind, trying to catch up.

Slow Burn Phase: These consisted of poses being held a little longer. Included warriors/right angle/triangle...hip openers, hamstring stretches, twists... (one section does include planks and chats and side planks). This section was more my speed, with much slower transitions and longer holds.

Cool Down: a few back bends, stretching, long relaxation segment

Instructor does a good job cueing breathing, but I found it difficult to know when to change position during the cardio flows. A little more cueing here would be great, because it's not comfy to look up at the tv when moving between plank/chaturanga/cobra. She does cue but as it progresses (especially on the 2nd/3rd repeat) she does less.

The cool down inches a bit past my yoga comfort zone with a bit of talk about "surrendering" and "letting go" and floating, LOL. Not a deal-breaker for me, I just prefer my yoga not to go there (obviously, I am not a yoga purist ).

My thoughts: not for beginners and definitely NOT for those with no yoga experience. I only have a few videos under my belt (no live classes) and I was able to follow along; I thought she did a good job at directing form and breath.

Instructor Comments:
Instructor (whose name I cannot locate!) is pleasant and petite and incredibly strong! Her voice reminds me of Sara Ivanhoe. She spoke in a calm & encouraging manner, and I was glad to see that she also was out of breath during the cardio flows.