The Belly Off! Workout: The Body Weight Routine

David Jack
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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Tracey gave a nice breakdown of the workout, so I will just give my overall impression. For the most part, I liked this workout. The first and second circuit were hard without being killer. There were some excellent body weight exercises put together, along with some easy to follow cardio bursts. David Jack was very easy on the eyes, and down to earth. I thought I was going to love this workout until I got to the Power of 10. Then it was all up and down, up and down. Lunges, then to the floor on your back, then up for squats, then down for pushups, or something to that effect. I started to get dizzy, and that doesn't happen on most workouts, even the ones that I've used that require a little bit of up and down. I guess there was just too much of it for me.

Instructor Comments:
Very nice looking and personable. Gave decent form pointers.



This workout reminds me of Sculpt 5/6. David is a much better cue-er than Tony though and is not annoying in the least. He's very straightforward but not too serious and doesn't waste time goofing off. There is a male and female background exerciser who demonstrate beginner and advanced options for each exercise. A workout bench is used for some of the lunges but I don't think it's a must have.

Warm-up: almost 7 minutes of basic exercises including arm circles, knee lifts, squats and some stretches.

2 Minute Drill: 8 exercises done for 15 seconds each.
Jumping Jacks
High Knee Run
Fast Ski Jumps
Crunches (I thought this was weird placement considering the other exercises in the segment)
Mountain Climbers
Squat Thrust

Circuits: 3 exercises ranging from 5 to 20 reps depending on the exercise. Each circuit is performed twice.

Circuit 1
Shoulder Press Push-up
Split Squats
Plank w/ Leg Raise

Circuit 2
T Push-up
Lateral Lunge
Single Leg Romanian Dead Lift

Body Weight 100: 2 sets of this group of exercises for a total of 100 reps

Prisoner Squat (arms behind the head)
Wide Push-up
Back Bridge
Forward Lunge
Close Grip Push-up

Power of 10: 10 exercises performed for 30 seconds each.

High Knee Runs
Lunge Knee Drives
Split hold lunge (left leg)
Windshield wipers- lay flat on back, knees in the air and rolling legs from side to side
Split hold lunge (right leg)
Mountain climbers
Glute hamstring bridge
Line run
Piston crunches

Cool down: about 10 minutes

This workout is tougher than it looked when I previewed it. By the time I got to the Power of 10 segment, I had to sit a few of those exercises out to catch my breath. This workout also has a mix and match menu which makes the workout easily customizable. I have yet to attempt the two minute drill because there's plenty of exercises within the rest of the workout to get your heart rate up. If you're pressed for time, skipping the cooldown and stretching on your own will clock the workout in at around 37 minutes. There's no mirror cuing and this is the same music from The Belly Off Strength Training Routine. I really like this workout. It's a refreshing change of pace from the typical strength workout and it proves that body weight strength training can still be challenging.

Instructor Comments:
David continues his straight forward instruction for another great workout. He is very personable and encouraging without being over the top.

Tracey M.