Play Ball

Kimberly Spreen
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Balance/Medicine/Mini/Stability Ball

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Play Ball is produced by Sara City (new production). The set is similar to other new Sara city workouts (there is a shelf in the background with some medicine balls). There is a tiny editting glitch between the warm-up and medicine ball section (the screen changed to medicine ball section but the warm-up is not done yet).

The workout format:
Warm-up 4min, Medicine ball 24 min, Stability ball 26 min, Stretch 7 min.

In Medicine ball section, you incorporate upper body with lower body which will raise your HR up a bit. The workout includes squats, lunges side to side, stationary lunges, biceps, shoulders, woodchopped, oblique twists. The workout is done with enough reps that you feel challenge (and you also could pick the stability ball that suit you).

Then you move into the Stability ball section. You still use the medicine ball in the beginning to do abs (regular crunches with tempo changes and also using the medicine ball),chest fly with medicine ball) oblique crunches, glutes (put medicine ball between your legs and do some glute squeeze). After put the medicine ball aside, you do some incline plank on the stability ball, superman, superman with oblique twist, glutes raise, push ups, plank.

The workout ends with a good thorough cooldown.

During the workout, the background exercisers will show different level for some moves.

I enjoy this workout very much..the only complain would be the's just generic instrumental music..nothing impressive.

Instructor Comments:
I really like Kimberly's the girl-next-door personality. She delivers clear cueing and she explains the exercises very well (what parts of the body you are working etc.) I'm looking forward to seeing more workouts from her.

Tanya (Thanya)