Eternity Yoga's Power Fusion

Giselle Toner
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Yoga

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This is without a doubt a solid intermediate/advanced yoga dvd. Beginners need not apply. If you love intense hip opening asanas and arm balances, then roll out your mat and sweat your heart out. Here's what you will get:

Setting: There are two settings; on a deck on the beach and in a livingroom.

Class: The dvd is broken into 3 sections. Section 1, on the beach, starts with a brief stretch warm-up and then goes into several standing poses such as revolved triangle, triangle, bird of paradise, side plank variations; and several arm balances, standing split, full split, crow, half moon w/ variation. Each pose is followed by a vinyasa that includes push ups. It also includes pigeon and wide angle forward bend and heron post just to name a few. The second section is set in a living room and it is my favorite. It is standing balancing poses to open the hips such as head to knee pose, dancers pose, side hand to foot, forward bending foot to thigh pose to arm balance. The last section is abs, on the beach. It is very good and challenging. She also includes a seated pose where you hold your feet and bring your legs to your face. (you look like a jack knife). She then does a very brief bridge variation and savansa and then you are done.

Music: New agey but unobtrusive.

Teacher: Giselle is in voice over in ssections 1 & 3. She is doing the poses and instructing in section 2. Her cuing is a little late sometimes, so I suggest that you watch this dvd first before you do it. Because this is an advanced yoga routine, she doesn't give many alignment instructions. As I said earlier, you really should already have an intermediate practice before attempting this dvd.

Production: There are a couple of production issues with this dvd. I mention them only to give you a heads up. First, this dvd does not use any dvd features. There are no chapter menus. The skip button does not take you to the next chapter. Second, the beach sections are shot on a deck and sometimes the teacher is in shadows. Also, there is only one camera angle which is to the side of her. This isn't really a problem if you are already familiar with the poses, and you should be, in order to be safe doing this dvd. But don't let these problems deter you from purchasing this dvd. In 60 minutes, you will get an awesome workout, provided that you can do the poses. So let me emphasize again, you must be an experienced yogi(ni) or working in a class on advanced poses. All in all this is the hardest and most challenging yoga dvd that I own. I couldn't do all of the poses, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.